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Carpet Clean Large Room

Carpet Repair in Greenwood Indiana before after results

Amber was a wonderful customer and was able to have several extra carpet on hand to patch the carpet after her pet tore it up. Something like this is in a bad location where the carpet is worn and to repair the carpet you have to go all the way across so it wouldn’t be that noticeable. Carpet repaiiirs in central indiana can get difficult if the back of the carpet is damp or was wet from pet stains which it was, The best answer for this is to make sure hot seam tape is used. After 30 years here in Indiana seaming a repair should always be done if possible with hot seam tpae. Now the after effect of repairing the carpet across a worn pattern can be difficult to hide the seam but it looks pretty good now. It was a 5 foot seam by 8 inches wide. After i was done it looked pretty good and Amber gaave us a 5 star review as well

Carpet Repair After Patching Carpet Greenwood, In
Carpet Was patched 5’0″ x 8″ customer very happy gave us a good review on google
Carpet Repair Before Patching Carpet Greenwood
Carpet repair before patching Carpet in Greenwood, IN

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