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All Colors Carpet Cleaning Indianapolis Stretching - Repairs - Coupons Year Round - Family Owned and Operated

"We're More Then Just Carpet Cleaners" All Colors Carpet Cleaning Is Experience that Matters When You Need It The Most

Floor Cleaning in Indianapolis Indiana

All Colors Floor Cleaning Service In Indianapolis and Surrounding Areas

All Colors Floor Cleaning Service Indianapolis. We deep clean with a floor scrubber then Steam clean. When we Clean your grout or vinyl tile we pre-spray it with a degreaser to break up that unwanted grease from the oven. Check out the coupon special we have for grout cleaning. Over 25 years experience in Central Indiana

Floor Cleaning Indianapolis Coupon Specials Year Round

Floor cleaning rinsing out the dirt and residue

Floor Cleaning 15% off by itself 20% off with other service

Floor Cleaning After Pre spray and scrubbing the tile

Floor Cleaning Kitchen - Common areas - Bathrooms In Homes get 20% off by Itself

Shake Hands With The Best Floor Cleaning Indianapolis

Do you notice a stain on your grout and tiles are showing significant signs of damage? Make sure that you take a step before it’s too late. Seal the deal with the best professional floor cleaning Indianapolis. All Colors Carpet Cleaning is a family-owned business and has been serving the citizens of Indianapolis for twenty years. Whether it’s floor cleaning or carpet cleaning in Indianapolis, we’re the top choice of the customers. Our experts are never off duty. So, whenever you contact us, we’re upfront to help you. Make sure that you contact our floor cleaning Indianapolis before it’s too late.

Grout develops bad stains and that becomes impossible to clean. All Colors Carpet Cleaning removes these stains by rubbing continuously. Our experts at floor cleaning in Indianapolis know how to present you with a stainless floor within an hour. We don’t use harmful chemical products that affect your health.

We're Setting A New Definition Of Floor Cleaning Indianapolis

We’re indeed a maverick that has set a new definition altogether as the best floor cleaners. Do you know why we’ve gained such immense popularity as a floor cleaning Indianapolis? Check out our sheer qualities that the customers can rely on:


The quality of our service has been one of the USPs. We stand out from all our competitors. We make sure that you get a quality service at an affordable price.


Floor cleaning Indianapolis is always about grave experience. We believe that only experience can provide you a quick and long-lasting solution. All Colors Carpet Cleaning has been successful in providing so.


We’re trustworthy to our customers. To give a spotless cleaning, we’ve to enter your house. The customers have never experienced any issues with our experts.


All Colors Carpet Cleaning is the most preferred floor cleaning Indianapolis because of our affordability. We promised ourselves to provide you a quality service at an affordable price, unlike other services.


Consist quality floor cleaning service has one of our constant partners. No matter what, we’ve never compromised with the quality and integrity of our service.

Floor cleaning seeing dirt break up

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See How Floor Cleaning from Start to Finish

What Our Customers Says About Floor Cleaning services

Mark Paul
Home Owner
Read More
3 days ago Had carpets cleaned and stretched. High quality honest work. Carpets look great.
Jaysha Tyson
Read More
4 hours ago-9-19-20 He did an amazing job. After calling place to place no one thought the smell of dog urine will lift. He came and the smell is now gone. Unfortunately the urine stained because it been there so long but that understandable. Its covered up my by bed, i just wanted that smell gone.
Charles Metzger
Home Owner
Read More
9 Weeks ago We thought we'd need to completely replace or old, dirty, and worn-out carpet, but David came to our rescue!
James S. Oaklandon, Lawrence Township, IN
James S.
Read More
5.0 star rating8/6/2020 I needed a carpet cleaned and stretched in all rooms of a house. The carpet was originally laid poorly. Dave did a tremendous job of cleaning and stretching the carpet. He used a power stretcher rather than just a knee stretcher. Dave got down to work and completed the job, non stop. I highly recommend All Colors Carpet Cleaning for your carpet maintenance needs.

A Comprehensive Floor Cleaning Service

All Colors Carpet Clean is the ultimate destination of floor cleaning service. We’re upfront to assist you with deep cleaning, mold removal, and all other floor cleaning service. Tiles and grout cleaning are our expertise. No matter how stubborn the stain is, when the experts from All Colors Carpet Clean try their hands on it, its complete removal is guaranteed.

Unlike other floor cleaning services, we use eco-friendly cleaning products. Our cleaning sprays are pet and children-friendly. People in Indianapolis hire us for an uncompromising floor cleaning service.

Versatility is one of our USPs. Not only for residential services, but we’re also up for commercial services as well. Book our services for your office. We work on your schedule so that you don’t have to miss a working day. We know the value of your time and money. So, we work relentlessly to serve you flawlessly.

All Colors Carpet Clean is one of the oldest family-owned floor cleaning services in Indiana. People trust us for our top-notch service at an affordable price. If you’re opting for a floor cleaning service for the first time, seal the deal with All Colors Carpet Clean. Your perception of floor cleaning service will be completely different from others.

Why You Should Trust All Colors Carpet Clean For Floor Cleaning Indiana

All Colors Carpet Clean is the most recommended floor cleaning service in Indiana and there are so many reasons behind that. Let’s check out:

  • You can ask our experts for some of our previous projects. These testimonials will let you know the credentials and standard of our work.
  • We’re awarded as one of the best floor cleaning service providers in Indiana by our customers.
  • All Colors Carpet Clean works at your schedule and prioritizes your cleaning products’ choice. Our recommendation comes after your requirements.
  • Twenty years of experience has been a treasure for us. We’ve experienced all the ups and downs in the industry and withstood them.
  • Some long-lasting benefits are our gifts to you. Once you take our service, you hardly need to take another cleaning service in next three months.
  • A flawless Floor cleaning in Indiana is one of our unique qualities. Experience and skills have reached us to new heights.
  • You can have an uninterrupted service. We offer different affordable packages. It’s up to you which one you want to take.
  • You can book our floor cleaning service in Indiana on weekends. Our motto is to serve you at your convenience. Top-notch service is on your way when you seal the deal with us.

Recent project of our Floor Cleaning Service

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