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While he had a mechanical issue pop up that pushed our time a little later, he still found a way to make it to me the same day and kept in contact the whole time.

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Carpet Stretching Indianapolis over 25 years in Business. Power stretching the carpet. We remove the wrinkles. Family operated. Our Reviews speak for themselves

Call All Colors Carpet Cleaning All Colors Carpet Clean: No #1 Carpet Stretching Service in Indiana All Colors Carpet Clean is the ultimate destination for you if you want a flawless Carpet Stretching Service in Indiana. Carpet is a prized possession. Nowadays, manufacturers are using different materials for manufacturing carpets. This much-needed break of stereotype turned out to be a real blessing for carpet stretching and cleaning companies like All Colors Carpet Clean. As we love to learn new things and face challenges, our experts have taken special training for cleaning synthetic and rugs. This go-getter attitude has made us the top choice for Carpet stretching Indianapolis.

We provide carpet cleaning, stretching, and repairing. This amazing all-in-one service is worth your attention. Customers often find it unbelievable to get back their carpet as new. Such top-notch service at a pocket-friendly price is not possible other than our Carpet Stretching Service in Indiana. Let’s trace the history of All Colors Carpet Clean to know the secret behind our excellence as Carpet stretching Indianapolis.

How We Thrived As A Leading Carpet Stretching Service in Indiana

From a small family-owned carpet cleaning service, we have become the best Carpet Stretching Service in Indiana. We started from one room. Today, we’re an authentic and authorized, full-grown company. Our company is the who is a leading carpet cleaner and carpet stretching expert in Indiana. Clients who have experienced All Colors service have hired us repeatedly. Steven David started in 1991 in WPB, Florida and moved up to Indiana in 1994 where Mar runs the business and is the owner of All Colors Carpet Cleaning Indianapolis Stretching-Repairs
This journey of 25 years as carpet stretching expert in Indianapolis has been an incredible one. 

We’ve experienced all the ups and downs of the industry. Therefore, our service charge is so reasonable that anyone can afford it because of our coupon specials year round. Starting from Carpet Stretching Service in Indiana, we’ve excelled in every domain like floor cleaning, carpet repairing, cleaning, etc. Gradually, we’ve acquired skills and become successful in providing unmatched service.

Steven says, “Carpet is the face of your floor. Keep it clean to have an everlasting good impression on your guests.” All Colors Carpet Clean has come a long way with your trust and blessings. Uncompromising service and on-time delivery have been two consistent qualities of our company.

All Colors Carpet Clean: Meet The Versatility Of Carpet Stretching Service In Indiana

The field of carpet cleaning is vast. In this ocean, All Colors Carpet Clean has taken a significant part. We’re not a mere carpet stretching service. Instead, we have expertise in

  •  Carpet Cleaning -Carpet Repairing- Floor Cleaning- Grout Cleaning- Upholstery Cleaning
  • Versatility has been one of the major qualities that have added so many feathers to our business. As we cover a vast domain, people prefer us for comprehensive service like carpet cleaning and stretching in Indianapolis.. So, we’re recommended again and again for carpet cleaning and Carpet Stretching Service in Indiana. Years of experience have made us wise and knowledgeable. You can completely count on us whatever the service it is we provide.
  • Choose All Colors Carpet Clean
    Shake hands with the experts when your carpet needs help. Be it your office carpet or the carpet of your house. We’re always upfront to help you. With different materials of the carpet, the cleaning procedure changes. Some of the best qualities of our Carpet Stretching Service in Indiana are:
  • On-time service
    ● Provide what we promise● Affordability● Same-day service● Serve in bulk● Service coupon facility year round

These are just the tips of the iceberg. Once you seal the deal with us, you will be introduced to a vast arena of carpet cleaning services. A holistic approach is what we provide carpet cleaning and stretching. All Colors Carpet Clean is known to be the best of Carpet Stretching Services in Indiana for its integrity, Quality and consisteand 

Videos of Carpet Stretching 2 jobs on the north side of Indianapolis

Carpet Cleaning and carpet stretching in Carmel Indiana. A step by step approach to carpet cleaning and stretching with a power stretcher in Indianapolis vicinity. We only power stretch carpet not a knee kicker. Check out our reviews at all colors carpet cleaning indianapolis stretching-repairs. We can be reached at 317-889-0692

All colors carpet Cleaning dyeing went to Northern Indianapolis to stretch Sarita’s carpet in her living room and hallway. Wrinkles can be the downfall to a good carpet because De-lamination to the back of the carpet when left for a long period of time. Wrinkles can also be dangerous when you trip over your carpet as well. All colors carpet cleaning dyeing uses a power stretch as seen in the photos here. Also the results You can see before and after pictures of what carpet stretching does with a power stretcher (not a knee kicker). You can contact us at 317-889-0692 or

Do You Need Carpet Stretching if So You came to the Right Place

Carpet Stretching Indianapolis Central Indiana 7 Repairs is a job that requires years of experience and a good eye on how to Carpet Repair Cut Shelbyville Carpet Stretching Indianapolis Central Indiana 8
Replace Pad And Tackstrip After
handle the repair whether its a patch, Spot dyeing, or seam repair from a dog or cat

Carpet Stretching from 2 to 5 areas under 600 sq ft.

Carpet Cleaning Services | Serving In Indianapolis Carpet Stretching should always be done from wall to wall to assure the best stretch possible. One of the reasons carpet needs stretching is because of poor installation using only a knee kicker. With over 25 years in business. A wrinkled carpet can cause you loss of fiber and delamination if left unattended plus a hazard waiting to happen like someone tripping over the hump..

Stretching 1 or 2 areas under 300 sq ft. This coupon works great with other services like carpet cleaning or Repairs. (By itself is subject to a service call.)I do the work with over

Carpet Stretching Wall To Wall

 25 years Experience and Power Stretching is the way to go ( no Knee Kicker

All Colors Carpet Cleaning Indianapolis Stretching-Repairs

Steven and Mar Scott Family Owned & Operated – Over 25 years in Indianapolis and Central Indiana
Office no. 317-889-0692 – Text us 317-270-0207