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All Colors Carpet Cleaning Indianapolis-Family Owned and Ran over 30 Years In Business-Carpet Clean Stretch - Repairs-Coupon specials Year Round

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All colors upholstery cleaning coupons special in Indy gives you the best upholstery cleaning with over 25 years, serving central Indiana, family-owned business and David (steven) does the work. Our Experience in cleaning upholstery is there are several different kinds of fibers and each fiber is handled differently from us.

The main fibers are Microfiber-Polyester-Olefin-Rayon-Wool-Acetate-Cotton-Silk-Acrylic and Linen. Not all fibers can be steam cleaned. When we first look at an upholstery set we determine what method we would use to clean the fiber. This special care for your carpet makes us the one-stop solution for Steam cleaning Indianapolis. The one thing we do with alll furniture is pre treat it then we agitate it to break up the oils in the fiber. With carpet you have dry soil stains but upholstery you have body oils which is entirely a different process of cleaning. when we are finished cleaning the fiber we always ask the customer for a towel to wipe over it. There are 2 reasons we do this. The 1st is to pickup any loose oils that have surfaced. The 2nd is to get the upholstery to dry faster. 

 Pet stains on the cushions should be handled differently and be cleaned entirely a different process. What you could do if the cushions unzip is take the padding out and put them in your tub. Get ahold of some lysol disinfectant cleaner and put about 16 oz. in the tub filling the tub up with warm water. Le the cushion set in the solution for 30 minutes then proceed to rinse them out. Making sure you don’t put them in the dryer. The next step is too allow the cushion to dry out before you assemble them back together but make sure the material part has been professionally cleaned before reassembling them. ( this whole process you do at your own risk). We’re not responsible for this. We are simply helping you with removing the urine contaminate

Upholstery clean Coupon Specials

  • Sectional Sofa-Loveseat and middle piece 130 loose pillows 4.00 a piece more. 
  • automons are 20.00. 
  • Oversized sofas are 20% more.
  • Sofa with recliners built in with extra center piece or chase and automon is 130.00 (2 piece)

sofa loveseat special regular price 120 your price 99.95 – Loose pillows or over sized loveseat extra

Upholstery Clean In Indy 1

Get 15% off any upholstery cleaning any single piece with other service Even sofa-loveseat or chair recliner

Upholstery Clean In Indy 2

You can get upholstery protection for 15% off carpet or Upholstery

Upholstery Clean In Indy 3

2 pieces of furniture + Clean large Room under 200 sq ft 165.00 or 2 areas Carpet cleaning 375 sq ft. for 205.00

Upholstery Clean In Indy 4

Drive to The Best Upholstery cleaning Indianapolis

Tired of looking at dirty upholstery that makes you compromise with your home’s aesthetic? Choose the best upholstery cleaning Indianapolis. We’re the most chosen service that the customers prefer. When you’re done compromising with your interior design for stained carpet and dirty upholster, All Colors Carpet-Upholstery Cleaning comes to your rescue. Do you know what plays the major role in cleaning service. It’s experience and long twenty years have been a re treasure for us.

This family owned business is expert at keeping promises more than any other upholstery cleaning services in Indianapolis. Years of experience and love from customers make us believe in ourselves. People around Indianapolis don’t clean carpets on their own anymore. We’re their ultimate choice whether it’s a pet stain or just a seasonal cleaning. You can find a service for upholstery cleaning Indianapolis rarely. Since we have included the service in our list, people have been relaxed and they hardly worry about their upholstery cleaning anymore.

Upholstery Clean Velvet Sofa
Upholstery clean velvet sofa

How All Colors Carpet-Upholstery Make A Difference

All Colors Carpet Cleaning has been one of the most successful flag bearers of carpet cleaning and Steam cleaning throughout Indianapolis throughout the country. Therefore, upholstery cleaning Indianapolis has received a new heights with us. We’re a one-stop solution for carpet, upholstery cleaning. Our sheer qualities include:

  • On-time service
  • Qaulity cleaning
  • Top quality products
  • Zero compromisation
  • Service as promised

When it comes to the best upholstery cleaning Indianapolis, our customers cannot think of
anyone else. It’s been twenty years with hundreds of customers. Our upholstery cleaning in Indianapolis has
always opt for quality and not quantity. We’re immensely trusted and chosen
repeatedly. Tie a knot with us for a quality service at the best price. 

Upholstery Cleaning Coupon Specials

Upholstery Cleaning Cotton
Upholstery Clean Microfiber
With professional training by IICUC and other classes taken to ensure you the best care for your living room furniture. Here you will find a variety of carpet and upholstery cleaning coupon specials. If not we will tailor one just for you. There are several factors to consider when having upholstery cleaning. We Pre-spray – agitate deep clean and go over with a towel to pick up any oils left behind after we cleaned your upholstery. Your skin leaves behind body oils or your pets and this is another concern when upholstery cleaning. look here for our google ads and get premium specials at low cost

Testimonials of our work Done For Upholstery Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Indianapolis
Ashley B.
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While he had a mechanical issue pop up that pushed our time a little later, he still found a way to make it to me the same day and kept in contact the whole time.

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