All Colors Carpet Cleaning Indianapolis Stretching-Repairs

All Colors Carpet Cleaning Indianapolis-Family Owned and Ran over 30 Years In Business-Carpet Clean Stretch - Repairs-Coupon specials Year Round

All Colors Carpet Cleaning Indianapolis Stretching-Repairs

Power Stretcher wall to wall

All Colors Carpet Stretching uses only a Power Stretcher to Stretch a carpet and doing so its wall to wall. A knee kicker can't do that only a Power Stretcher and I do the work with over 25 year's experience

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Scrub Attic room + Bedroom

Deep Carpet Clean near me is closer then you know we Pre-spray all the carpet then steam clean it truck mount system

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Carpet Cleaning Bad Carpet

Carpet Cleaning Bad Carpet can mean Dirt - Grease - Pet Stains - Not being Cleaned on a regular basis or just age but this is why Experience matters and with over 25 years in Business the 1st thing is t0 identify what kind of Stains and dirt i am dealing with then treating the stains properly. After that then I Deep Scrub the Carpet before Steam Cleaning it.

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Carpet Cleaning wall to wall after finished

Carpet Cleaning is more than just Steam Cleaning is pre spraying the carpet and stains then deep scrubbing all the carpet 1st.

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Carpet Repair Across large After

This is what the carpet looks like after repairing the carpet and padding as well

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Floor finished after Cleaning.

After the flooring was pre sprayed and scrubbed then I steam clean it is removing all the residue from it

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All Colors Carpet Cleaning Indianapolis Stretching-Repairs in Indianapolis Services and Coupon Specials

Photo Of David (Steven) Head Technician 30 Years
David (steven) Tech


All Colors Carpet Cleaning in Indianapolis is a family-owned and operated business with over 30 years of experience. David (Steven) and Mar Scott work together to provide the best customer experience in Central Indiana and sometimes beyond. Mar handles scheduling and customer service, while David (Steven) personally visits homes and businesses to perform the cleaning services.

The services offered by All Colors Carpet Cleaning include carpet cleaning, stretching, repairs, upholstery cleaning, and floor cleaning. When it comes to carpet cleaning, the company uses a steam cleaning method with a truck mount system for a deep and thorough clean. They also use a power stretcher for carpet stretching rather than a knee kicker, ensuring a more effective and long-lasting result.

In addition to carpet cleaning, All Colors Carpet Cleaning also provides carpet repair services, such as fixing seams in doorways, repairing tears caused by pets, treating urine stains, and applying large patches. Upholstery cleaning for sectionals and chairs of all types is also available. Floor cleaning services include tile and grout cleaning, as well as vinyl maintenance.

All Colors Carpet Cleaning emphasizes the importance of experience in their work. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, they have encountered a wide range of carpet cleaning situations and know how to handle them effectively. Their goal is to provide the best customer experience and ensure customer satisfaction. The company has received positive reviews on platforms like Thumbtack and Google, reflecting the quality of their work in the Central Indiana area.

Overall, All Colors Carpet Cleaning offers comprehensive carpet cleaning and repair services in Indianapolis. With their experience, attention to detail, and use of professional equipment, they strive to provide the best results for their customers. They believe that experience matters and aim to exceed customer expectations with every service they provide.

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Carpet Cleaning Living Room Dining Room Downtown Indianapolis

Carpet Cleaning

From 1 area to Whole House Carpet Cleaning – Deep scrub Carpet and Pre-spray All of Your carpet. Also removing the toughest carpet stains. All colors carpet cleaning is here with over 25 years among all carpet cleaners Indianapolis. Giving you the best service in carpet cleaning service coupon year-round in Indiana, Get our personal touch. Doing the work myself

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Carpet Stretching

Carpet Stretching should always be done from wall to wall to assure the best stretch possible. One of the reasons carpet needs stretching is because of poor installation using only a knee kicker. With over 25 years in business

Pet-Tear-Carpet-Repair Pad And Carpet Replacement

All Types Carpet Repairs

ranging from spot dyeing carpet from bleach stains to carpet fading. The best of all of them are tares in doorways or halls. We can also replace the padding do to urine saturation or we can Treat and clean the carpet as well.

All Colors Carpet Cleaning Indianapolis Stretching-Repairs 2

Upholstery Cleaning

All colors upholstery cleaning services Indianapolis provides you the best upholstery cleaning coupons with over 25 years, serving central Indiana, family-owned business and Steven (David) does the work. Our Experience in cleaning upholstery is there are several different kinds of fibers and each fiber is handled differently from us. The main fibers are Microfiber-Polyester-Olefin-Rayon-Wool-Acetate-Cotton-Silk-Acrylic and Linen

All Colors Carpet Cleaning Indianapolis Stretching-Repairs 3

Floor Cleaning

All Colors Floor Cleaning Service Indianapolis. We deep clean with a floor scrubber then Steam clean. When we Clean your grout or vinyl tile we pre-spray it with a degreaser to break up that unwanted grease from the oven. Check out the coupon special we have for grout cleaning. Over 25 years experience in Central Indiana

Jackie LaneJackie Lane
16:01 27 Sep 23
The gentleman came out and scrub the carpets with his machine and then steam clean them.He did a really good job, he got out stains I didn’t think we’re going to come out. I’ll most definitely use him again!I recommend him as well!
15:38 26 Jul 23
Called to get an estimate for our office, Choice Dental Centre. Steven came out the same day. Booked on the spot. Friendly. Quick. Very reasonable price. Removed all our spots. Carpet looks like new. Will definitely be using him in the future, and for my home. Thank you!!!
Southport Dental TeamSouthport Dental Team
15:39 14 Jul 23
We have used David for our carpet cleaning for 20 years!!! Great job every time! Highly recommend! Thanks you for all your years of care for our carpets!
Glynis KGlynis K
02:58 03 Jul 23
I needed my carpet cleaned and wanted to try a different cleaning service, so I checked online. The reviews for All Colors Carpet Cleaning were so great I had to try them, and I’m so glad I did.It had been about a year and a half since our last carpet cleaning, so we were way over due. Our carpet needed help. I was able to make an appointment for Friday, the 30th. I was so excited to get the carpet cleaned before our new furniture came the next day. Then there was the storm on Thursday and we lost power. Our power was still off on Friday. Mr. Steven decided to come anyway and do our carpet. There was no air conditioning and yet, the quality of work and professionalism was top notch. I just knew all my plans were about to ruin, but Mr. Steven saved the day. Our carpet looks great! He really went to work on our carpet! 😄 We were ready for our new furniture to be delivered the next day.I will definitely continue to use as well as recommend to others All Colors Carpet Cleaning.Thank you again, Mr. Steven! I truly appreciate you and excellent service you provided!
Andrea MartinAndrea Martin
21:38 29 Jun 23
Best carpet cleaner I’ve ever used. He pretreats the stains for great results. My carpets look like new
Heather TooleyHeather Tooley
19:58 27 Jun 23
Small company with great service and reasonable prices. Came out on time and did an exceptional job. Moved furniture to get to all areas. Carpets look very clean. He also made a repair to our carpet.
Kaylyn MurrayKaylyn Murray
01:36 30 Apr 23
Steve cleaned and stretched carpet in our master bedroom, hallway and another bedroom. It looks fantastic! I was provided a quote and in the same week he was able to complete the work. I truly appreciated his quick responses, hard work and efficiency. I will be contacting him for any of my future carpet needs.
Photo Of Steven D Head Technician 30 Years

Steven D Scott Head Technician ACCC Services Mar Scott Owner

All Colors Carpet Cleaning Indianapolis Stretching-Repairs | 30 Years Experience in Central Indiana

All colors Carpet Cleaning Indianapolis Stretching-Repairs | Coupon Specials - Family Owned and operated Serving Hoosiers | All Colors Carpet David (Steven) We’re more than just Carpet Cleaners
” All Colors Carpet Cleaning Repairs is Experience that matters when you need it the most and we have the Best carpet cleaning deals in Indianapolis. I’m David (Steven) I do the work myself since 1994 with Mar who Runs All Colors Carpet Cleaning. Our Reviews speak for themselves.” We keep it Personal

Carpet Cleaning Indianapolis
Ashley B.
All Colors Carpet Cleaning Indianapolis Stretching-Repairs 4All Colors Carpet Cleaning Indianapolis Stretching-Repairs 4All Colors Carpet Cleaning Indianapolis Stretching-Repairs 4All Colors Carpet Cleaning Indianapolis Stretching-Repairs 4All Colors Carpet Cleaning Indianapolis Stretching-Repairs 470 reviews2d ago

While he had a mechanical issue pop up that pushed our time a little later, he still found a way to make it to me the same day and kept in contact the whole time.

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What Our Recent Customers Says

Mark Paul
Home Owner
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3 days ago Had carpets cleaned and stretched. High quality honest work. Carpets look great.
Jaysha Tyson
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4 hours ago-9-19-20 He did an amazing job. After calling place to place no one thought the smell of dog urine will lift. He came and the smell is now gone. Unfortunately the urine stained because it been there so long but that understandable. Its covered up my by bed, i just wanted that smell gone.
Charles Metzger
Home Owner
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9 Weeks ago We thought we'd need to completely replace or old, dirty, and worn-out carpet, but David came to our rescue!
James S. Oaklandon, Lawrence Township, IN
James S.
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5.0 star rating8/6/2020 I needed a carpet cleaned and stretched in all rooms of a house. The carpet was originally laid poorly. Dave did a tremendous job of cleaning and stretching the carpet. He used a power stretcher rather than just a knee stretcher. Dave got down to work and completed the job, non stop. I highly recommend All Colors Carpet Cleaning for your carpet maintenance needs.

Frequently asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

All Colors Carpet Cleaning Indianapolis Stretching-Repairs 9

1st ? what is the best carpet cleaning method! Lets look at this 1st

 Dry cleaning consist of apply a dry chemical on the carpet and working it in then vacuuming it out with a vacuum cleaner.

Some will scrub it in others will rake it in., Another dryclean technique is to use white round pads get theme real hoot in a water bach then use them to clean the carpet. The most important part of dry cleaning is vacuuming the carpet really well before doing anything to it. Hen when there done they will vacuum it again.

 The problem I see with this is extracting out the Dirt from the fiber! You be the judge.

2nd technique is shampooing the carpet. This is the original way but once again no extracting the fiber dirt.

3 the different techniques of Steam Cleaning

  1. Steam cleaning without prespraying the carpet just steam cleaning it. This technique just doesn’t work because your not breaking up the stain or dirt that is in the fiber and rest assured the stain or dick will wick through
  2. Steam cleaning with detergent will get it clean but there leaving a lot residue behind in the carpet which will cause the carpet to stsin much faster.

Lets look at how washing your cloths compares to cleaning your carpet

The steps in cleaning your cloths is you 1st put the chemical in the wash machine 2nd you put the clothes in there to be washhhed

3rd you put the water in too m,ix with the water Hot Water

4th phase the wash machine will then agitate the clothes for about 20 minutes breaking up the soils and stains in the clothing

5 then it will start to rinse out all the dirty water in the tub *

Now imagine if your clothes didn’t riiinse out all that soli and stains and even the chemical! Your clothes would still smell and the dirt would still be in them.

Cleaning Carpet is a lot like cleaning clothes but you can see each stage of the cleaning being done.

Here is how All Colors Carpet Dying & Cln. LLC | Stretch Carpet Repairs does it!

1st we make sure the customer has a chance to vacuum the carpet thoroughly before we arrive. Then w determine what it is the customer needs as far as chemicals in the pre-spray to get the job done. The one thing we always prove is odor treatment in the solution. Then a degreaser then a protein stain remover and then a brightner to brighten things up in the carpet. If the customer has urine in the carpet THEN everything changes. Then everything is about acid cleaners and treatments. We also will then put the urine treatment in the water tank as well and stronger odor treatment to.

  1. Once I am done pre spray then we agitate the carpet with ta floor machine. The idea is to gently agitate the fiver depending on what I am up agains’t determines what kind of brush I will use.

After the agitation then we start to bring in the solution vacuum to the furthest point where we start from.

3 the industry IICRC teaches you spray and vacuum as you bringing it back towards you then start anther roll. I add to that I belive you should go back over the section you just cleaned and vacuum it up. ( assuring better dry time )

Answer: Urine turns into salt particles when in the carpet or floor and must be treated accordingly to remove from whatever source it comes into contact with. Sometimes white vinegar will remove the salts but it takes more then that to make a difference.
What All Colors Carpet Cleaning does is 1st pre-spray it heavily with a Urine treatment. 2nd we agitate it with a deep scrub working the chemical into the fiber and breaking up the urine salts, 3rd next step is we Rinse out everything with a Deep steam clean which has an odor counteractant to it. Sometimes its necessary to disinfect the fiber again even though we put the odor counteractant in the water solution. (Note) going over the carpet with regular carpet cleaning chemicals is just going to make the odor worse so i recommend you don’t do that.
  How bad is bad to when you have to replace the carpet? When it has a dark yellow stain to it and there are several of them then you will know the carpet can’t be saved and the flooring has to be treated with kilz stain blocker before installing any flooring at all whether carpet or tiles or planks. If your in doupt pull up a corner of the carpet and see if there is yellow spots on the back of the carpet
 Urine odor and salts will settle mostly in the pad and floor so we recommend as well you consider replacing the pad if you plan on keeping the carpet for a while. We do pad replacement as well
Answer: There are elements that make a carpet dirty then it looks and those come from the a/c and Heater so make sure you keep your filters clean
2.Dry soil will settle in the carpet and eventually stain the fibers.
3. Walking bare foot is most likely the worse thing you can do for carpet because of the oils in our skin and if you have dogs they have a lot of oils and dirt on there paws and skin that build up. Just pay attention to where they lay and your traffic patterns you walk all the time. You will notice the carpet lays down a lot there so make sure you vacuum at least 2 times if not every other day
4. Clothing especially when you come home from work have them change there clothes. Furniture is known for oils and carpet dry soils
Now to Answer your Question! The Carpet should be cleaned when vacuuming doesn’t help it any longer and she remains dirty or starts to smell in the house or room.
Carpet or Upholstery protection should be applied after the carpet cleaning but only if its Nylon. BERBER or polyester – polypropylene ” Don’t need Gard ” it will vacuum all off
Upholstery i would recommend guarding it every time because its not like you can throw it in the wash machine and the fiber is as thin as your clothes
Bedrooms can be anywhere from 120 – 150 sq ft. but a lot of the new homes bedrooms are 12 x 15 easily. master bedroom are always about 200 sq ft. with a walk in closet making them 2 areas
A living room – loft – Family room can be from 150 to 400 sq ft. easily. Depending on the size of the house. The question you have to ask your self is my home or apartment an average or large home

The Easiest way is put one foot in front of the other (toe to toe). that would give me an idea how big the room is or just use a measuring tape and measure it. length and width. sometimes you may need to square off the room so we can get the size of the room. Example is 12 x 16 room is 192 sq ft. Toggle Content

Rule of thumb 2 cushion is a loveseat – 3 cushion is a Sofa – 1 cushion is a chair – A Chase is about 5 to 6 ft. long – a corner piece is the same as a loveseat.
here is a good ex. sectional with a sofa corner piece loveseat and a chase would be 4 pieces
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