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Steven David - Mar Scott Owner Southside Indianapolis 46227 - Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday 8am-5pm
Saturday 830am - 2pm
Office closed saturday

All Colors Carpet Cleaning Services has been in Indy over 25 years now. We specialize in Carpet Cleaning, Stretching and Repairs. This is our primary business along with Tile, Grout and Upholstery cleaning. My name is Steven David along with Mar Scott who runs the business operations at home. We make a point to offer coupons with every service and we can customize a job for you whether your commercial or residential. Our Reviews on Google, Thumbtack speak volumes of the customer service we offer. I do the work myself since 1991. making sure every customer is given full satisfaction for the Service we provide one on one. Pre-Spray and a deep Scrub guarantees a Better Cleaning. Power stretch give you wall to wall guarantee a better Stretch


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Ashley B.
Home All Colors Carpet Cleaning Services 2Home All Colors Carpet Cleaning Services 2Home All Colors Carpet Cleaning Services 2Home All Colors Carpet Cleaning Services 2Home All Colors Carpet Cleaning Services 270 reviews2d ago

While he had a mechanical issue pop up that pushed our time a little later, he still found a way to make it to me the same day and kept in contact the whole time.

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Call All Colors Carpet Cleaning “We’re more than just Carpet Cleaners ” All Colors Carpet Cleaning is Experience that matters when you need it the most

I’m Steven (David) I do the work myself since 1994 with Mar who Runs All Colors Carpet Cleaning. our Reviews speak for themselves.” We keep it Personal” We Make sure you receive the best Carpet Cleaning service and a price you can afford. and our Coupon Specials provide you with the best customer satisfaction. Our Services cover everything you need in your home. Our Coupon Specials provide you with the best customer satisfaction. Our Services cover everything you need in your home or business plus Upholstery Cleaning as well as any Carpet Repairs you would need. Example Dogs tare hole in your doorway. Your carpets has wrinkles in it. We can power stretch it to remove those wrinkles. Bleach stains we can spot dye them if you have nylon carpeting. Do you have kool-Aid stains or wine! We can remove those red stains from your carpets. When was the last time you had your grout cleaned! Now if you are in a position you lose power you may have water in your basement. Give us a call and we can remove that water for you. With All Colors Carpet Cleaning Indianapolis ” Your the Inspector”

When we come to your door we want you to know that we’re going to give you the satisfaction that after 25 years experience you’re receiving one on one from the owners of the company whether it’s carpet cleaning, stretching or repairs. I’m Steven David and i am the one who does the work for you. So what we give you is a personal touch that you can’t receive from the big companies but with us we are Family owned and operated. If there is a problem you just call me or text me and i will be there to correct the issue for you. We make sure we spend the time in preparation of cleaning the carpet and treating the stains 1st before we bring in the hose to steam clean your carpeting. I like to go over every detail with the customer before we even get started whether it’s a small job or a big one. when we are done with the work we ask you to inspect it for us so we can make sure we got everything you need from us. We want to make it a point when we come into your home or office your getting the best workmanship you can get from us.

Special Ads
Carpet Stretching and Cleaning any area under 150 sq ft for 125.00

Carpet Cleaning Coupon Specials to Fit your Budget Year Round

Carpet Cleaning by deep scrubbing and heavy pre-spray. Before and after where a truck mounted system with its own heat and water supply is important. This phase i call the rinsing phase because now were going to rinse out and Extract out all the dirt and odors as well from your carpet

Carpet Cleaning Indianapolis Dining Room   Carpet Cleaning Indiana | Carpet Cleaning Indianapolis

Carpet Cleaning Coupon 2 areas 95.00 / 3 Areas 109.95

2 Areas Under 300 sq ft 95.00 Deep clean is the best way to go for 25.00 more. 3 Areas under 500 sq ft 109.95 and Deep Scrub for just 30.00 We Steam Clean then with a truck mount system and Deodorize all

Whole House Carpet Clean 8 Areas 199.95 / 10 Areas 235.00

8 Areas Under 1150sq ft 199.95 Deep clean is the best way to go for 55.00 more. 10 Areas under 1350 sq ft 235.00 and Deep Scrub for just 60.00 We Steam Clean then with a truck mount system and Deodorize all

Carpet Cleaning Indianapolis Pre spray the Carpet is the 1st step in breaking up stains-Deodorizing the Carpet. Without this steam cleaning is nothing then cleaning with water. Every prespray is designed for the customer whether residential or commercial

Carpet Cleaning Coupon 4 areas 124.95 / 5 areas 139.95

4 Areas Under 600 sq ft 124.95 Deep clean is the best way to go for 35.00 more. 5 Areas under 700 sq ft 139.95 and Deep Scrub for just 40.00 We Steam Clean then with a truck mount system and Deodorize all

Carpet cleaning Coupon 6 areas 164.95 / 7 Areas 180.00

6 Areas Under 800 sq ft 164.95 Deep clean is the best way to go for 45.00 more. 7 Areas under 900 sq ft 180.00 and Deep Scrub for just 50.00 We Steam Clean then with a truck mount system and Deodorize all

Steam Cleaning Indianapolis Now this i feel is the single most important step… Deep Scrub because after the prespray you want to work the chemical into the fiber and retore the nap of the carpet as well. When we treat for pets this part is a must for restoration of pet odors and urine

Our Services And Coupon Specials

We Specialize in full Carpet cleaning not just steam clean the carpet meaning we treat the stains. Pre spray and * Scrub the carpet. We Also can Repair Your carpet as well, Power Stretch from wall to wall. Also we  take care of your Furniture as well and flooring to. We’re a full Circle Company and I do the work myself ( Steven)

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Before you Call Us We need some important information from you Regarding the room sizes to fit you with the best Coupon Specials for your Carpet Stretching

Do You Need Carpet Stretching if So You came to the Right Place

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https://allcolorscarpetclean.com/carpet-repairs/Carpet Repairs is a job that requires years of experience and a good eye on how to Carpet Repair Cut Shelbyville Home All Colors Carpet Cleaning Services 8

Replace Pad And Tackstrip After

handle the repair whether its a patch, Spot dyeing, or seam repair from a dog or cat

Carpet Stretching from 2 to 5 areas under 600 sq ft. Was 475.00 [Your Price 350.00]. Minimum furniture To Be Moved.

Carpet Cleaning Services | Serving In Indianapolis Carpet Stretching should always be done from wall to wall to assure the best stretch possible. One of the reasons carpet needs stretching is because of poor installation using only a knee kicker. With over 25 years in business. A wrinkled carpet can cause you loss of fiber and delamination if left unattended plus a hazard waiting to happen like someone tripping over the hump..

Stretching 1 or 2 areas under 300 sq ft (85.00 to 155.00). This coupon works great with other services like carpet cleaning or Repairs. (By itself is subject to a service call.)I do the work with over

Carpet Stretching Wall To Wall

 25 years Experience and Power Stretching is the way to go ( no Knee Kicker )

    All Colors Carpet Cleaning Services Closes after 530pm. If you wish to make contact with us please Email us or fill out the form contact us and we will answer you the following Day. You can also leave a text or voice message @ 317-270-0207-

    On weekends we are closed. This is our Family time so please Respond Promptly and Monday we will get back with you.

    What Our Reviews and Customers
    Our Saying About Us

    Mark Paul
    Mark Paul
    Home Owner
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    3 days ago Had carpets cleaned and stretched. High quality honest work. Carpets look great.
    home owner
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    5 Weeks ago This is the second time I've used All Colors, and they will always be my go to company for carpet cleaning. I didn't bother calling anyone else this time. Both times I've used All Colors, I did not only good deep cleaning, but also some stretching work. The first time was a rental property I owned, and the carpet was in bad shape, but came out looking great. This latest time was for my own home I was buying, and again, it came out great. Only had some minor stretching this time. The previous owner had dogs, and I have a dog too, so I wanted to make sure to get it as close to new as possible. Once again, came out great. From experience, the pricing is as competitive as it gets. My parents stopped by during the cleaning, and they'll use All Colors next time they get a cleaning, per my recommendation. He takes pride in what he does obviously has a ton of experience, which is the type of cleaner I prefer to use. Thank you!
    Charles Metzger
    Charles Metzger
    home owner
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    9 Weeks ago We thought we'd need to completely replace or old, dirty, and worn-out carpet, but David came to our rescue!
     James S. Oaklandon, Lawrence Township, In
    James S. Oaklandon, Lawrence Township, IN
    James S.
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    5.0 star rating8/6/2020 I needed a carpet cleaned and stretched in all rooms of a house. The carpet was originally laid poorly. Dave did a tremendous job of cleaning and stretching the carpet. He used a power stretcher rather than just a knee stretcher. Dave got down to work and completed the job, non stop. I highly recommend All Colors Carpet Cleaning for your carpet maintenance needs.
    Jaysha Tyson
    Jaysha Tyson
    Read More
    4 hours ago-9-19-20 He did an amazing job. After calling place to place no one thought the smell of dog urine will lift. He came and the smell is now gone. Unfortunately the urine stained because it been there so long but that understandable. Its covered up my by bed, i just wanted that smell gone.
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    RJ 2 weeks ago My wife and I purchased our home from out of state with our realtor using Zoom. I did not see the carpet before it was cleaned to compare before and after. What I will tell you is the All Colors Carpet was easy to work with from out of state. They cleaned the carpets on the day and in the time frame we agreed on. I thought the price $150 for 3 bedrooms was reasonable. The carpet has a nice fragrance- not a knock you over phoney chemical fragrance. It was raked so you could not see the machine tracks. I was very satisfied and I will use them again.

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    All Colors Carpet Cleaning Indianapolis Stretching-Repairs

    Steven and Mar Scott Family Owned & Operated – Over 25 years in Indianapolis and Central Indiana

    Office no. 317-889-0692 – Text us 317-270-0207

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