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Water Damage Restoration In Indianapolis, 24 hour emergency extraction services in central Indiana coupon specials. Over 25 years Experience In Central Indiana. It can be a costly experience if you don’t know what to do immediately. Up to 25% off on water extraction, carpet pad removal and reinstalling the carpet.

Carpet stretching is needed to reinstall the carpet if blowers we’re under the carpet as well. In some cases whoever took care of the water removal may have removed the padding as well. Then All colors carpet cleaning will need to know the thickness of the padding and if it has a water barrier on it. We can replace your carpet with a padding that gives you that added protection.

 All colors carpet cleaning  will do the water damage restoration cleanup for you. Don’t wait till its to late for a flood. Below i made a list of things you can do when you have a flood to minimize the damage but don’t put this off because it can destroy your property.
 If you have a claim number we can write it off on your insurance but it will need to be confirmed with your insurance company before we start.
 (The Most import thing to do though is get the water extracted as quick as possible because water can damage your baseboard drywall and even the structure as well)

Table of Contents

Emergency Water Damage Restoration-What You Can Do

  • 1st thing mop up or extract as much water as you can from the carpet.

  • Move any furniture or items effected by the water damage on your carpet or flooring

  • If you have any fans run them

  • Turn your A/C on, to kick on because it works like a dehumidifier. You don’t want heat

  • Now if its an outside water source your Insurance won’t cover it like a flood in the Basement although if you sump pump quit working because of a power failure there is a chance your Insurance will cover it.

  • If you have standing water at least 1 ” above you will need help with this because of possible structural damage call us right away and we can either work with you giving you different options or the most you would pay is your deductible as long as we have a PO number.

  • If You are able and its soaking wet try to extract as much water out of the padding then remove the padding if you can

  • Most water damages we have seen are minimal and can be handled without hurting your savings

  • We offer 15 % to 25% off any water damage we service

  • Extract all Carpet
  • Install necessary blowers
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Tack strip Repair & Pad Replacement
  • Reinstall carpet with Power Stretcher
  • Carpet and metal strip Repairs
  • I Do the work with over 25 years Experience
  • We can save you a lot of headaches. Call us. “We’re Your 1st Response”
24 hour water removal save 25% off
24 hour water removal save up to 25% off services

Pictures Before After Water Damages