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Carpet Stretching in Carmel

Carpet Stretching in Carmel Indiana with a Power Stretcher (not a knee kicker). The reason i emphasize the difference is a power stretcher pulls all the carpet from wall to wall where a knee kicker only pulls a small areas where the one using the kicker is located. Also Most installers nowadays only use knee kickers, because they need to get in in out in a hurry and they don’t stretch the carpet correctly from all 4 points which is needed when stretching a new carpet.

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 Not only that its very hard on the knees as well so depending on the installer how much force they want to put behind the kicker and do they take the time to tuck and fasten the carpet down.. From my experience NO. So a Power Stretcher pulls the carpet to the point of pulling the carpet off the other end of the wall. This is why we make sure we tack the other end as well. With todays flow where everyone is in a hurry service is poor because the time to do the job right is being replaced by get it done now.

With All Colors Carpet Stretching We focus on stretching from wall to wall to remove those wrinkles from the carpet and giving more life

Professional Services for carpet Repairs Indianapolis

 to your investment in your home. I have been doing Carpet cleaning and stretching in Indianapolis and surrounding areas since 1994 here in Indianapolis and I am shocked by the carpet installation here in Indy. So when you are in need of getting your carpet repaired do to wrinkles in your carpet remember to call us so we can help you make your carpet like new again. Don’t let the those wrinkles trip you up. Send us your photos to 317 270 0207 along with length x width and we can give you a coupon special to make it easier for you on your carpet stretching as well.

carpet cleaning and upholstery Indianapolis

 I do the work myself so your guaranteed the satisfaction of high quality workmanship.

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