Carpet Stretching and Carpet Cleaning Indianapolis at Mary’s home off banta rd. When carpet stretching a power stretcher should always be used to get the maximum stretch out of a carpet (not just a knee kicker)Carpet Stretching Indianapolis Here we ran into a problem and the padding didn’t come over far enough when the carpet was installed the 1st time. All Colors fixed this problem by taking padding out of a closet fixing the shortage of padding. At Mary’s home we stretched the living room, Family room hall and one of the bedrooms. Then we steamed cleaned all the carpet in the house. A power stretcher stretches from wall to wall and a knee kicker should assist in the stretching but not the primary source of the carpet stretching needed. If your in need of a cleaning and a power stretch we can help you with both of these at the same time. Call us at 317-889-0692.In the moment-0870

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  1. It’s good to know you can provide both services. My aunt lives in your area and needs carpet stretching and cleaning. I’ll give her your number to schedule an appointment.

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