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Tips on Upholstery Cleaning in Indianapolis



Cleaning your upholstery once every three months is a healthy habit. This makes sure that the furniture in your home stays healthy and sound. Also, it lasts for a long time when you keep thorough maintenance. So, before hiring one of the trusted upholstery cleaning Indianapolis, you must know what methods they follow. Also, intensive knowledge about the effectiveness of the processes builds your trust in the service provider. Learn here the commercial upholstery cleaning in Indianapolis hacks from All Colors Carpet Cleaning.

  • Special Carpet Freshener

The upholstery keeps your furniture’s legs safe. It makes you feel as if you’re walking on a soft field of dense grass. People often complain that though the upholstery gives such a feel when it’s new, it becomes too rough after some years. So, essential oil carpet freshener and baking soda come to your rescue. The professionals add 10-20 drops of essential oil and a 16-ounce box of baking soda together. Mix the two well so that the oil is absorbed by the solution well before your start upholstery cleaning Indianapolis. Now store it in a glass container. Pour some of this aromatic solution of baking soda and lavender oil. Now, please wait for 5 minutes and vacuum it immediately.

  • Ironing Is A Good Process

Ironing makes your clothes warm and comfortable. But, do you know that it can help clean your upholstery as well? So, stop putting that iron in the closet just after straightening your clothes. Instead, use it on the upholstery if it becomes rough. Vacuum them well first so that no particle is left there. Then, you must dampen the stain with a towel concentrated with a solution that contains three parts water and one part vinegar.

Keep the wet towel over the stain and heat the towel with an iron. As soon as you start pressing the iron on the towel, the stain starts removing gradually. Keep checking the progress. When the stain is eradicated, remove the iron from the top of the towel.

Upholstery cleaning in Indianapolis

How All Colors Carpet Cleaning Stands Apart The Crowd

When it comes to upholstery cleaning Indianapolis, All Colors Carpet Cleaning is a one-stop solution. We’re a family-owned business for twenty years now. Our expertise has to be seen to believe. We make sure that you get a comprehensive service at an affordable price.

Therefore, be it a carpet cleaning or an upholstery cleaning in Indianapolis, we’re always the one to come first. All Colors Carpet Cleaning is making a mark since its birth moment. Our customer is our priority. Their comfort and convenience are something we value the most. So, make sure you shake your hands with the best upholstery cleaning Indianapolis. We’ve set a new definition for carpet and upholstery cleaning in Indianapolis.

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