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Coupon Special ACCCS

Colors Carpet Cleaning Indianapolis From Steven (David) and Mar Scott, we welcome you to our family-owned carpet cleaning services with affordable prices through our coupon specials year-round in Indianapolis and surrounding areas with over 25 years in business making happy customers that give us great reviews on the work we have done. I’m Steven David and since 1994 I have been the one who shows up at our customers doors educating our customers on the service they are in need of.

To provide the best customer service you have to have the best equipment like a truck mounted system that is self contained and gives you the customer the peace of mind the job is done correctly. 2nd to pre spray all the carpet or upholstery and agitate it to loosen up the stains before the steam cleaning even begins. Thirdly to Steam Clean the Carpet and post vacuuming the carpet when finished. Next to have the customer checkout the carpet cleaning or service we provide to make sure they are happy

All Colors Carpet Cleaning Services under one roof

All colors carpet cleaning Indianapolis stretching, repairs, upholstery clean, tile and water removal. Were a family business with over 25 years experience. Family owned and operated. Steven D and Mar Scott have been In Indianapolis since 1994. we do the work ourselves. Over the years we have become a specialist business in Carpet Stretching and Carpet Repairs. We have a unique way of cleaning the carpet and Upholstery by pre-spray with a deodorizer then follow through with a deep scrub the carpet or upholstery too. “Experience Matters” Our Stretching of Carpet is done with a Power Stretcher not a Knee Kicker. Our Steam Cleaning the Carpet is Done with a Truck mount system not a portable. With All Colors Carpet Clean ” Your the Inspector”

Carpet Cleaning

From 1 area to Whole House Carpet Cleaning – Deep scrub Carpet and Pre-spray All of Your carpet. Also removing the toughest carpet stains. All colors carpet cleaning is here with over 25 years among all carpet cleaning services in Indianapolis. Giving you the best service in carpet cleaning coupons year-round in Indiana, Get our personal touch. Doing the work myself

Carpet Stretching

Carpet Stretching should always be done from wall to wall to assure the best stretch possible. One of the reasons carpet needs stretching is because of poor installation using only a knee kicker. With over 25 years in business

Upholstery Cleaning

All colors upholstery cleaning services Indianapolis provides you the best upholstery cleaning coupons with over 25 years, serving central Indiana, family-owned business and Steven (David) does the work. Our Experience in cleaning upholstery is there are several different kinds of fibers and each fiber is handled differently from us. The main fibers are Microfiber-Polyester-Olefin-Rayon-Wool-Acetate-Cotton-Silk-Acrylic and Linen

Pet-Tear-Carpet-Repair pad and carpet Replacement

All Types Carpet Repairs

We have done repairs in Indianapolis ranging from spot dyeing carpet from bleach stains to carpet fading. The best of all of them are tares in doorways or halls. We can also replace the padding do to urine saturation or we can Treat and clean the carpet as well.

Floor Cleaning

All Colors Floor Cleaning Service Indianapolis. We deep clean with a floor scrubber then Steam clean. When we Clean your grout or vinyl tile we pre-spray it with a degreaser to break up that unwanted grease from the oven. Check out the coupon special we have for grout cleaning. Over 25 years experience in Central Indiana

Colors Carpet Cleaning Indianapolis

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning is worth it. Our cleaning experts use powerful machines to deep clean carpets and remove dirt, debris, and allergens that can't be removed with regular vacuuming. Professional carpet cleaning can extend the life of your carpets and make them look like new. Protect your carpet flooring investment with professional carpet cleaning services from Allcolors Carpet Clean.

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Pre Spray all the carpet 1st


Spring and Summer Coupon Special Carpet Stretch + Carpet Clean + Carpet cleaning Special

Our Spring-Summer Coupon Dual Special. Carpet Stretch 1 area + carpet Clean for 165 or carpet clean up to 2 areas + deep Scrub for 99.95

Spring and Summer Coupon Special Carpet Stretch + Carpet Clean + Carpet cleaning Special

Carpet Stretch any 1 room for 90.00 ( under 150 sq ft) or any 2 areas stretch for 175.00 (under 325 sq ft)

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No Hidden Fees

All jobs are quoted before hand with no hidden fees or unexpected charges.

Effective Chemistry

Tested over a span of 25 years, our detergents are strong at removing stains and bacteria.

Non-Toxic & Eco-Friendly

We use non-toxic detergents to all ages and pets. They are made from natural ingredients. They are also eco-friendly.

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