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Carpet Restretch

All Colors Carpet Cleaning-Carpet Stretching Coupon Special

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Combine carpet cleaning-carpet stretching and get up to 25% off carpet stretching with this coupon special were running now in Indianapolis and surrounding areas

When it comes to stretching your carpet All Colors Carpet Stretches with a power Stretcher not just a knee kicker. Don’t be mislead by someone just using a knee kicker because knee kickers don’t Stretch wall to Wall. With over 20 years experience in carpet stretching and cleaning

Does Your Carpet need to be Stretched because the Carpet Restoration company didn’t Reinstall your Carpet!

1. With All Colors 

Carpet Restretching will give you up to 25% off with 3 or more areas Carpet Restretch and Pad Replacement.

2. Clean from 4 to 8 areas with this Coupon special and get up to 25% off Carpet Restretching

With over 20 years experience here in Indianapolis will get your home back in order using a power Stretcher not just a knee kicker. We stretch from wall to wall to give you the right stretch your carpet needs.

Power Stretch

David Stretching carpet