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All Colors Carpet Cleaning Dyeing Stretching and Repairs in Indianapolis

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Our Blog is for you to post your thoughts, reviews and questions on any of the main services we provide Carpet cleaning, carpet dyeing, carpet repairs, carpet stretching, and emergency water removal here in Indianapolis and central Indiana

Business Articles and Tips on maintaining your carpet through our carpet cleaning service. spot cleaning (Bleach stain on carpet). Wrinkles in carpet check out our carpet stretcher at work ( power stretcher).Check out our picture slide show and u tube videos that show you the before and after pics. Help articles and more plus feed back from our customers and you.

Water removal in Indianapolis, IN

All colors carpet Cleaning dyeing posted this article about water removal how to and avoiding scam companies.

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Carpet Stretching and Carpet Cleaning Indianapolis

Carpet Stretching and Carpet Cleaning Indianapolis at Mary’s home off banta rd. When carpet stretching a power stretcher should always be used to get the maximum stretch out of a carpet (not just a knee kicker) Here we ran into a problem and the padding didn’t come

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Carpet Cleaning in Indianapolis-Good Service goes Far

Whether your a carpet cleaning business or a plumber or A/c Guy good service goes a long way. This week see what our customers had to say about All Colors Carpet Cleaning Dyeing

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Carpet Cleaning in Indianapolis Deep Scrub and Pre Spray

Carpet Cleaning in Indianapolis should consist of Deep Scrubbing the carpet and Pre spray before Steam Cleaning not running a rake over the carpet will agitate enough to loosen up the stains, soil, Hair that is in your carpet. Also Pre spray ahead will loosen up the

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Re-Stretching Carpet/cleaning Indianapolis

Carpet Re-Stretching has never been a better time then right after a winter. The carpet is now stretching out because of the warmer air. Carpet Cleaning is needed also after a hard winter and tracking in salt.

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Carpet Cleaning Indianapolis Deep Scrub First

All colors carpet Cleaning dyeing prefers to Deep scrub your carpet and prespray before we Steam clean your carpet. This means a Deep Cleaning of your fiber to assure the best carpet cleaning goes into your home or business.

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Carpet Repairs from Pets in Indianapolis

We all have had pets one time or another but they can cause destruction to your carpet. Make sure you leave your doors cracked if not your pet can dig his way through your carpet or claw your door. Leaving your pet in the kitchen in a

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Treating dog urine in Indianapolis, Indiana

You just come home your doggie has to go out but your to late…He peed on your carpet right in the living room. What do you do!. Go get some white vinegar. 1st extract out as much as you can. A wet dry vac will work perfectly.

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Carpet cleaning plus Kool aid stains in Franklin, IN

All colors carpet cleaning dying receives customer review from Sandy C. in Franklin, IN. Today isn’t the normal for us because on Sunday’s were resting but with the Temperatures in the zeros next week this weekend we have been busy. Sandy attempted to clean the carpet herself

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Carpet Cleaning Berber Indianapolis

Carpet cleaning Berber in Indianapolis is the most difficult task and should always be scrubbed do to the loop it has and containment of soil and stains it can build up inside of itself. After 20 years in this business berber is the biggest challenge and can

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