Indianapolis Water Removal from Carpet

Indianapolis Water Removal from Carpet requires the right equipment to get the job done right for the customer. In this video you will see how extracting the water from the carpet works and water removal from the flooring-padding and carpet as well but you also should have an air mover under the carpet to dry […]

Indianapolis Carpet Repair from Pets and deep Scrub Berber

Indianapolis Carpet Repair from Pets and deep Scrub Berber is about to different problems. 1 being berber should always be deep scrubbed to provide the best carpet cleaning for a carpet that loops. The other is about pets that when placed in an environment that constrains them like in a room with the door shut […]

Carpet Cleaning In Indianapolis area Mooresville

All Colors Carpet Cleaning Dyeing Stretching and Repairs was in Mooresville indiana which is in the Indianapolis vicinity To Deep Clean a carpet For Dave who wanted to rent the house out again. He wasn’t sure carpet cleaning was the answer and he may have to replace it but i assured Him we could get it […]

Carpet repair in Carmel Indiana

Carpet repair in Carmel Indiana. This carpet had been cut in 3 areas well actually 4. The difficult part was matching the correct direction which wasn’t easy. In the long run i had 7 seams all together plus a carpet warn by cats. The carpet needed to be re-cut to give straight edges so the […]

Indianapolis Carpet Cleaning-Power Stretching in Central Indiana

Now All colors carpet cleaning stretching has a Video that shows you from start to finish Carpet stretching and cleaning with a deep scrub at work too. The Job was in New Palestine IN. All Colors Carpet cleaning 1st Restretching the carpet with a power stretcher not just a knee kicker. Pulling out the wrinkles […]

Upholstery Cleaning In Indianapolis

If your considering having your upholstery cleaning in Indianapolis or surrounded areas consider these 4 things when having it done 1. They have to prespray all the upholstery 2. they have to work it into the fiber (scrub) 3. Steam extracting cuts the grease down and 4. Go over the upholstery with a Dry towel […]

Carpet Stretching and Carpet Cleaning Indianapolis

Carpet Stretching and Carpet Cleaning Indianapolis at Mary’s home off banta rd. When carpet stretching a power stretcher should always be used to get the maximum stretch out of a carpet (not just a knee kicker) Here we ran into a problem and the padding didn’t come over far enough when the carpet was installed […]

ReStretching Carpet-Carpet Cleaning Indianapolis

Carpet Re-Stretching has never been a better time then right after a winter. The carpet is now stretching out because of the warmer air. Carpet Cleaning is needed also after a hard winter and tracking in salt. when we Restretch your Carpet we want to make sure its done the right way and power stretching is […]

Carpet Cleaning Indianapolis Deep Scrub First

All colors carpet Cleaning prefers to Deep scrub your carpet and prespray before we Steam clean your carpet. This means a Deep Cleaning of your carpet to assure the best carpet cleaning goes into your home or business.

Carpet cleaning plus Kool aid stains in Franklin, IN

All colors carpet cleaning dying receives customer review from Sandy C. in Franklin, IN. Today isn’t the normal for us because on Sunday’s were resting but with the Temperatures in the zeros next week this weekend we have been busy. Sandy attempted to clean the carpet herself but ran into troubles. We obliged her by […]