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kool Aid Removal in Greenwood IN

children can be a loose cannon when it comes to drinks on the carpet especially those Kool aid drinks or pop sickles. Our experience is there isn’t that many out there who know how to remove Kool Aid from the carpet but i have done exactly that over the years when carpet cleaning you run into those little critters called Kool Aid Stains. What i want to show you is what we can do to remove the Red from the carpet. Carpet fibers especially Nylon will dye to the color of the stain but synthetic fibers or plastic like polypropylene – Polyester have a tendency not to stain the fiber and can be cleaned out but if its nylon, a lot more has to be done to remove the stain and can be time consuming. In this case Jeremy and Tilly had several red stains in the living room by the sofa and in the dining room as well. here is a series of photos taken before and after the Job was done.

Kool Aid Removal In Greenwood In 1Kool Aid Stain


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