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Indianapolis Water Removal from Carpet

Indianapolis Water Removal from Carpet requires the right equipment to get the job done right for the customer. In this video you will see how extracting the water from the carpet works and water removal from the flooring-padding and carpet as well but you also should have an air mover under the carpet to dry out everything which takes 5-7 days. With all colors carpet cleaning dyeing stretching and repairs we give the customer the option to finish the job not just extract only. Also be aware of companies who don’t finish what they start. 1st extraction 2nd disinfect and deodorize 3rd air movers top and bottom of carpet. 4th reinstall the carpet and padding NOTE some companies like stanley steemer don’t reinstall the carpet. This i find out because the customers who need a reinstallation of the carpet it’s because Stanley never finishes the job. Another thing to look out for is companies coming in ripping out the padding. Its not necessary most of the time. That can get very expensive.

If you decide to go through a claim make sure the company who does the extraction and work they stay within the budget the adjustor quoted. If not you will be paying for it. A lot of water damages can be handled without emptying your wallet. check around before you commit to a contractor. Make sure they work within the quotes given by the adjustor or find out the total amount they plan on charging you. Have questions email us at or call 317-889-0692. Ask for David

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