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How To Keep Your Carpet Safe From Your Pets: A Detailed Guide By Best Carpet Cleaning Services In Indiana

Pets and your carpet don’t share a very good relationship. So, it’s a necessity that you have to take some extra care of your carpet when there is a cute pet in your house. Understandably, their little, bright eyes melt your heart and you cannot help forgiving them repetitively. But, you cannot deny the hard-earned money that you invested in your carpet. So, better than this dilemma, you should carry out a special care program for your carpet. Call one of the best carpet cleaning services in Indiana, All Colors Carpet Clean, and know how you should clean your carpet while there are pets in your house.

Take The Non-stain Resistant Options

If your carpet belongs to you for a few years, you can scotch-guard the carpet. This will put a very protective guard on the carpet. You have to repeat the process after a period of time. It can help the fibers maintain their structure. Not only that, but it will also protect any additional stains. Call a professional like All Colors Carpet Clean to ensure that every fiber is treated well.

Clean Pet Urine

Pets are adorable but their wastes are not. Therefore, clean a spot with pet urine as soon as you see it. Paper towels can help. Get a lot of them and step on them with your shoes on. It’ll absorb the urine without letting it spread. Thus, the spot gets dry easily. Keep doing this until the paper towels come up nearly dry. Now, the experts from one of the best carpet cleaning services in Indiana say, “Mix one teaspoon of ammonia and 1 cup of water.” Spray this on the area and let it sit for 5-minutes. Use a stiff brush and make small circular motions from the inside of the spot outward. Use a wet/dry vacuum to pull up the rest of the area. This is a complete removal process of urine that will not leave a stain on the carpet.

Go For A Stain Resistant Carpet

stain-resistant carpet is obviously the best option to go for. Consider choosing this option for carpeting a tile or wood floor. Though the carpet is a bit costlier than any ordinary carpet, the price is totally worth it! Stain-resistant carpet has a protective layer applied to the fibers. You can steam clean this carpet with a normal method. If you need professional help, All Colors Carpet Clean is always there.

Keep Your Pet’s Nails Trimmed

Your carpet receives damage due to the length of your pet’s nails. If you know about your pet’s behavior, they can run and damage your carpet with their nails when they’re restless. This will cause an unraveling effect that would eventually leave spots that are bare, disheveled looking, or less fluffy than the rest of the carpet. Cutting nails will not be enough, you have to file them as well.

Vacuum Twice Per Week

No matter whether your pet sheds a lot or not. Dander still covers your carpet. So, prevent this from starting. Vacuum your carpet twice a week as a routine. You know well that pet dander and hair can travel, causing it to get on the carpet that is underneath the furniture.

Use A Carpet Powder For Homes With Pets

Carpet powders are specially designed for removing the odors of the pet smell. Vacuum thoroughly by going over the entire carpet thoroughly. One of the best carpet cleaning services in Indiana, All Colors Carpet Clean pulls up the powder and topical particles. 

Shake Hands With One Of The Best Carpet Cleaning Services In Indiana

Seal the deal with one of the best carpet cleaning services in Indiana, All Colors Carpet Clean. We can help you figure out your carpet cleaning schedule. Shake hands with us and get the best service at an affordable price.

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