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Carpet Stretching is a Skill that takes years of experience to master the feel for restretching carpet and we have over 25 years in Indianapolis. I use a Power Stretcher, (not just with a knee kicker). Don’t ignore the wrinkles costing your carpet to delaminate, you could fall and injure yourself. I do the work myself

We at All colors Stretching carpet and pad Replacement use the power stretcher unless the carpet is too worn or the area is too small to use a power stretch then a knee kicker would be used. We can do carpet cleaning restretching carpet all at one time, which I recommend because we can get a better stretch from it. Today most carpet installers use knee kickers because it is quick and easier to use but your carpet isn’t stretched properly and will most likely need a stretch after one full year cycle. look below and see our carpet stretching cost ( coupons.) also take the time and watch our video below on carpet restretching in action

” If Your padding is damaged from to much water or do to Urine contamination we can Replace it with a water base pad”

Kris G
Kris G
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Flooring We had a big room that needed the carpet stretched to get rid of a wrinkle. The carpet had one 45 degree angle and some trim that made it a more difficult job than just a square wall to wall carpet. The carpet butted up to a hardwood floor on two sides making the work a little more tedious to keep from damaging the wood. David came out promptly at the scheduled time and used his stretcher and took care of the work without any issues. David was able to work around our furniture with just a little shifting around including an upright piano. May 6, 2016 Verified
Shaunna D.
Shaunna D.
Water Damage Repair
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Carpet Repair or Partial Replacement He was very thorough and explained what was needed and why every step of the way. He went over and above what the job required. Feb 9, 2019 Verified All Colors Carpet Cleaning Indianapolis Stretching-Repairs's reply the carpet was fairly dry all ready but the padding was soaked. It was hard to tell this because it had a moisture barrior on the pad but my moisture reader found it. So instead of blowers we simply replaced the padding 6' x 16' areas. Then we cleaned the carpet and reinstalled it for them. Steven was very helpful throughout process and we also fixed the darn Have a good weekend guys. 🙂
Shelley P
Shelley P
Carpet Stretching Hall
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Carpet Repair or Partial Replacement David Scott exceeded my expectations. He’s very personable and professional. He was running behind from another job that was a bit of a drive away, but he called me immediately so I was aware. I had a lot of waves in my bedroom hallway that needed stretched. He worked quickly and effectively. My carpet looks 100% better! Very pleased with the work and the price was extremely reasonable. I will not hesitate to use All Colors Carpet Cleaning for any future carpet projects! 🙂 Wish I had a before pic, but trust me, there were several “waves” in my hallway. Pic attached is after.
Shane I
Shane I
Carpet Repair- Stretching
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Carpet Repair or Partial Replacement We had several large bubbles in our carpet in some difficult places and they were able to get them all out in a timely manner. They were professional and very nice to work with. Dec 1, 2016 Verified
Jean Defauw
carpet Stretching whole House
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a month ago All Colors Carpet Cleaning did a fantastic job stretching my carpet. It was easy to schedule, they showed up on time, and the carpet looks great. Like Response from the ownera month ago Jean was a fantastic customer to get along with. She even fed me lunch. lol Looking forward to cleaning her carpet 🙂
Nick Opolis
Nick Opolis
Water Damage pad replace Stretch carpet
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Nick Opolis 2 reviews 4 months ago After a pipe broke and my house flooded I made the mistake of going with a major company to fix everything. They inflated costs, misrepresented damages, and created more issues to fix in order to inflate their costs more.. I reached out to All Colors Carpet and David was absolutely straight up about costs, pointed out where they made their mistakes and bs'd their quotes. He was absolutely blunt about everything that would need to be done and how it needed to be done, got the materials I WANTED.. not low grade replacements. Got everything for much less than the other company priced the low grade materials for, showed up on time, got the job done fast and with extraordinary craftsmanship. I have lived with out much access to my first floor because of the damage, and today I have my living room back, and its GORGEOUS. I can not thank this company enough for their honesty, integrity, and work ethic. DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE I MADE.. DO NOT CALL THE BIG GUYS!!! Call All Colors first!!! Save yourself time, money and trouble!!! Like Response from the owner4 months ago it's a shame the insurance companies allow restoration companies to scam people like they do and get away with it. I really felt for you and reached out to help you through this. We sent you photos and proof of what we did to show them the results of the padding we put down vs what they call water barrier pad that they said you had. It was very nice meeting you and hope to do more work for you in the future 🙂

Carpet Stretching Coupons to fit Your Budget

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Carpet Stretching Coupon Special 2 to 5 areas Under 600 Sq Ft.+ hallway Just 350.00. Add Carpet Cleaning for just 155.00

power stretch 2-5 areas

Carpet Stretching Coupon Special Up to 25% off up to 3 rooms or MoreCarpet Stretching up to 25% off

  • With 3 or more areas Stretched get up to 25% off
  • Or 5 areas of Carpet Cleaning or Combo
  • Power Stretching is how we do it Wall to Wall ( not just a knee Kicker )

Carpet Stretching Coupon Special 1 to 2 areas 30.00 offCarpet Stretching coupon 1=2 areas

  • Carpet Stretch 2 areas under 300 sq ft was 185 Your Price 155.00
  • Or one Area under 300 sq ft 155.00 Over 25 years in Central Indiana

Carpet Stretch 1 area under 150 sq ft get it Our Coupon Special for 80.00Carpet Stretching 1 area

  • Carpet Stretch with a Power Stretcher any one area under 150 sq ft. get 18.00 off the price for only 80.00
  • Has to be with any of our other Services we provide

Carpet Stretching Video

Carpet Stretching photos Before - After

Power Stretching Carpet
Stretching carpet from wall to wall
Results of Power Stretching
Carpet Stretching Results Excess Carpet
After Stretching
After Stretching and Repairing carpet
Carpet Stretch left over carpet
Carpet Stretching Results wall to Wall
stretch living room tile repair before
Finished Results Stretching Carpet and Threshold Strip
Stretch Carpet and Transition Stripss
Stretching this carpet and installing Several Transition Strips