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Coupon Specials Carpet Stretching Indianapolis

Carpet Stretching Coupon Specials have you in mind to give you the Coupon Specials you need to Stretch your Carpets

No matter how many rooms you have in Central Indiana. Carpet Stretching includes Restretching your carpets with a power Stretcher (not a knee kicker). We also can give you a coupon special for carpet Cleaning with an added discount too I’m Steven D and i do the work myself to guarantee the best quality workmanship you could ask for with over 25 years in Business in Indianapolis and Central Indiana. Here you can pick the Coupon Special out you like and print it out or just mention you seen it on our site when you call us or text us. Our reviews speak for themselves of the relationship we have with our customers like you. From Steven D and Mar Scott we look forward to hearing from you

Carpet Stretching Coupon Specials

Carpet Stretching photos coupon Specials

Carpet Stretching Coupon Specials

All Colors Carpet Stretching Coupon Specials gives you the opertunity to choose from a variety of Stretching coupons or will design a Stretching Coupon for you up to 20% off. Feel free to email us-Contact us or Call us

Choose the Coupon you want and Print it out. Then Call Us @ 317-889-0692

If there is more you need to be done like pet treatment let us know or contact us by the contact form. You can Text Us as well @ 317-270-0207 or email us directly at

Before you Text or Email or Even call we will need the length and width of the room. 

Click on the Coupon to print it out

Carpet Stretching Up to 20% off

Up to 3 or more rooms Stretched get 20% off Carpet Stretching. We Power Stretch your carpet Wall to Wall with over 25 years Experience. If our regular coupons don't help you we can customize a special for you including repairs or Carpet Cleaning too

Carpet Stretching 2 to 5 Areas Stretched

Stretching Carpet from 2-5 areas up to 600 sq ft for 350.00. Thats 125.00 off the original price of 475.00. Wee power Stretch from wall to wall ( not with a knee kicker

Carpet Stretching 1 to 2 Areas

Carpet Stretching 1 to 2 areas max. 300 sq ft for 155.oo or for 1 room under 150 sq ft 100.00 Everything is power stretched and for 120.00 more you can add deep Cleaning to it

Carpet Stretch any 1 Room + Carpet Clean

Carpet Stretching any 1 area under 175 sq ft + Steam Clean the carpet for 165 add an additional 2 areas + deep scrub for 120.00

Carpet Stretch 1 room only

Carpet Stretching 1 room is 150 sq ft. at 95.00 minimum furniture will be moved. if there is excess furniture like a bed there will be a 50.00 service fee

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