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Carpet Repairs Coupon Specials have you in mind to give you the Coupon Specials you need to Repair your carpet.

no matter how many Burns or Tares you have we can fix it right for you. If You have any repairs just text me a picture and i can get back to you asap with a guarannteed analysis of what has to be done. Just look at our pictures of some of the repairs we have done. We also can replace an area that you removed the carpet from a wall being removed as well. What ever the project we can fix it for you. We also can give discounts moreso by adding another service like carpet cleaning or upholstery clean too. Dogs, cats or whatever the creature is we can fix the carpet for you. I’m Steven D and i do the work myself to guarantee the best quality workmanship you could ask for with over 25 years in Business in Indianapolis and Central Indiana. Here you can pick the Coupon Special out you like and print it out or just mention you seen it on our site when you call us or text us. Our reviews speak for themselves of the relationship we have with our customers like you. From Steven D and Mar Scott we look forward to hearing from you

Choose the Coupon you want and Print it out. Then Call Us @ 317-889-0692

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If there is more you need to be done like pet treatment let us know or contact us by the contact form. You can Text Us as well @ 317-270-0207 or email us directly at

You can save up to 10% off any carpet repair With This Coupon Special

Carpet Repairs Coupon Save 10%

  • ¬†With any Repair by itself Save 10% with this Coupon

You can save up to 20% off carpet repairs with any other ServicesCarpet Repairs Coupon Save 20%

  • Carpet Repairs of any kind get 20% off with this Coupon Special
  • Has to be used with any other service like Carpet cleaning

20 20% 0Ff RepairsWhen You Clean or Stretch up to 2 areas of carpet will give up to 20% off Carpet Repair in your Home


Carpet Repairs covers everything you would need

  • Carpet Patches
  • Seam repairs where creatures tare the carpet
  • Small burns
  • Bleach stains
  • Kool-Aid Stains
  • Ink stains
  • Blood Stains
  • Animal Urine or poop
  • Pad Replacement
  • Reinstall Carpet from wrinkles or water Damage
  • cut outs from walls or add ons
  • Transition Strips
  • Spot Dye Carpet
  • Any kind of Damage from animals to carpet
  • lipstick
  • Playdoe