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Carpet Repairs in Indianapolis on the Southside



All Colors Carpet Repairs in Indianapolis on the southside working to repair and Carpet Clean a home that is being Leased out but 1st there are many areas that there is carpet damage do to pets that have dug up the carpet along the edge of the doorways as well the landing on the stairs. Also the transition strip too. To repair the Carpet 1st step is to remove the area damaged by the pet. In this case it was a dog. Also the carpet had urine odors so we had to treat the carpet for urine contamination. Many customers feel that having the carpet cleaned is the answer but without properly treating the carpet it will make it much worse because of urine salts and when there activated the smell is much worse almost like ammonia.

what All Colors Carpet cleaning Indianapolis stretching repairs does is a full circle service. In other words we cover everything from the floor up but in most cases customer only wants the carpet cleaned but that can lead to wicking where the urine stain will eventually bleed through the padding.

When it comes to repairing the carpet it is best to remove the padding as well and seal the floor with a stain blocker like Kills stain blocker. We Strive to educate the customer on every level while were at there home or business. Here are some photos of the repairs before and after. We can be reached at 317-889-0692

Carpet Repairs in Indianapolis on the Southside 1 Carpet Repairs in Indianapolis on the Southside 2 Repair left Crner Carpet Carpet Edge Repaired Carpet stretching results upholstery Clean Custom Sofa Repair Corner After Repair Carpet Corner Repair Carpet After Carpet Patch left door before Carpet repair metal strip Carpet hole by Door before large carpet repair before doorway hole right side before Repairing hole patch dog tear in carpet Bad Tear by dog in carpet hole in carpet dog

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