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Carpet Cleaning In Indianapolis area Mooresville



All Colors Carpet Cleaning Dyeing Stretching and Repairs was in Mooresville indiana which is in the Indianapolis vicinity To Deep Clean a carpet For Dave who wanted to rent the house out again. He wasn’t sure carpet cleaning was the answer and he may have to replace it but i assured Him we could get it cleaned for him. To do this required a deep Pre spray to break up soil, protein and dye related stains. The carpet is polypropylene ( plastic) so i was confident i could get out most of the stains but to do this i would have to Scrub the Carpet to do so. The Carpet did clean well and Dave was very pleased with the outcome of the job. Just getting the carpet steam cleaned sometimes isn’t enough and this is where Deep pre spray and scrubbing the carpet makes a big difference. check out our utube video on how the work turned out before and after


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