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Coupon Specials In Indianapolis Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet cleaning service indiana

Coupon Specials in Indianapolis covers a wide range of services from Carpet Cleaning | Repairs | Stretching | Upholstery Clean to Floor Cleaning and Commercial Carpet Cleaning as well in Central Indiana

Indianapolis Carpet Cleaning Coupons

Carpet Cleaning by deep scrubbing and heavy pre-spray. Before and after where a truck mounted system with its own heat and water supply is important. This phase i call the rinsing phase because now were going to rinse out and Extract out all the dirt and odors as well from your carpet

Carpet Cleaning Coupons 2 areas 95.00 / 3 Areas 109.95

2 Areas Under 300 sq ft 95.00 Deep clean is the best way to go for 25.00 more. 3 Areas under 500 sq ft 109.95 and Deep Scrub for just 30.00 We Steam Clean then with a truck mount system and Deodorize all

Carpet Cleaning Coupons 4 areas 124.95 / 5 areas 139.95

4 Areas Under 600 sq ft 124.95 Deep clean is the best way to go for 35.00 more. 5 Areas under 700 sq ft 139.95 and Deep Scrub for just 40.00 We Steam Clean then with a truck mount system and Deodorize all

Carpet cleaning Coupons 6 areas 164.95 / 7 Areas 180.00

6 Areas Under 800 sq ft 164.95 Deep clean is the best way to go for 45.00 more. 7 Areas under 900 sq ft 180.00 and Deep Scrub for just 50.00 We Steam Clean then with a truck mount system and Deodorize all

Carpet Cleaning coupons 8 Areas 199.95 / 10 Areas 249.95

8 Areas Under 1150sq ft 199.95 Deep clean is the best way to go for 55.00 more. 10 Areas under 1350 sq ft 249.95 and Deep Scrub for just 60.00 We Steam Clean then with a truck mount system and Deodorize all

Carpet Repairs Coupon Specials have you in mind to give you the Coupon Specials you need to Repair your carpet.

No matter how many Burns or Tares you have we can fix it right for you. If You have any repairs just text me a picture and i can get back to you asap with a guarannteed analysis of what has to be done. Just look at our pictures of some of the repairs we have done. We also can replace an area that you removed the carpet from a wall being removed as well. What ever the project we can fix it for you. We also can give discounts moreso by adding another service like carpet cleaning or upholstery clean too. Dogs, cats or whatever the creature is we can fix the carpet for you. I’m Steven D and i do the work myself to guarantee the best quality workmanship you could ask for with over 25 years in Business in Indianapolis and Central Indiana. Here you can pick the Coupon Special out you like and print it out or just mention you seen it on our site when you call us or text us. Our reviews speak for themselves of the relationship we have with our customers like you. From Steven D and Mar Scott we look forward to hearing from you

Carpet Repairs 10 - 15% off Coupon 1

Carpet Repair can give you 10 – 15% off a coupon for any repairs with this coupon whether you are just getting carpet Repair by itself. This is where this coupon Special comes in Handy

Carpet Repairs 15-20% off Coupon 2

15-20% off this Coupon for carpet Repairs with any other Service with it like carpet cleaning or Stretching – Upholstery Cleaning Too

Carpet Stretching Coupon Specials

Carpet Stretching is a skill that calls for The Right Equipment to stretch Wall To Wall With a Power Stretcher ( not a knee kicker) With over 25 years stretching carpet, having a good understanding how your home or business can be stretched requires a lot of Experience to stretch your Carpet. Our Reviews speak for themselves and testimonies

Up to 3 or more rooms Stretched get 20% off Carpet Stretching. We Power Stretch your carpet Wall to Wall with over 25 years Experience. If our regular coupons don’t help you we can customize a special for you including repairs or Carpet Cleaning too

Stretching Carpet from 2-5 areas up to 600 sq ft for 350.00. That’s 125.00 off the original price of 475.00. We power Stretch from wall to wall ( not with a knee kicker

Carpet Stretching 1 to 2 areas max. 300 sq ft for 155.00 or for 1 room under 150 sq ft 100.00
Everything is power stretched and for 120.00 more you can add deep Cleaning to it which includes deep clean and deodorizer

Carpet Stretching any 1 area under 175 sq ft + Steam Clean the carpet for 165 regular 207.00 add deep clean and deodorizer for 25.00 more

Upholstery clean Coupon Specials

  • Sectional Sofa-Loveseat and middle piece 130 loose pillows 4.00 a piece more. 
  • automons are 20.00. 
  • Oversized sofas are 20% more.
  • Sofa with recliners built in with extra center piece or chase and automon is 130.00 (2 piece)

sofa loveseat special regular price 120 your price 99.95 – Loose pillows or over sized loveseat extra

Get 15% off any upholstery cleaning any single piece with other service Even sofa-loveseat or chair recliner

You can get upholstery protection for 15% off carpet or Upholstery

2 pieces of furniture + Clean large Room under 200 sq ft 165.00 or 2 areas Carpet cleaning 375 sq ft. for 205.00

Floor Cleaning tile or Grout Coupon Specials

Tile Clean Coupon Special Large areas by themselves 15% off with carpet cleaning get 20 % off

Tile Cleaning common areas – Kitchen – Bathrooms – Utility rooms in homes Get 20 % off by itself

Commercial Carpet Cleaning 15% off total Job

Commercial Carpet Cleaning isn’t the same as Residential Carpet Cleaning and the discounts are greater over 100 sq ft. You also get Deep Scrub and Deodorizer 15% off the cost. (Ex. 250 + 100 is 350 you get it for 297.50)

Upholstery Cleaning get up to 20% off with 5 or more furniture Pieces

Commercial Upholstery Cleaning get up to 20% off with 5 or more Furniture pieces. Example 5 chairs regular price would be 30.00 x 5 is 150.00 your price with carpet cleaning is 120.00

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