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Carpet Cleaning by deep scrubbing and heavy pre-spray. Before and after

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All Colors Carpet Cleaning Indianapolis Coupon Specials Year Round

From 1 area to Whole House Carpet Cleaning – Deep scrub Carpet and Pre-spray All of Your carpet. Also removing the toughest carpet stains. All colors carpet cleaning is here with over 25 years among all carpet cleaning services in Indianapolis. Giving you the best service in carpet cleaning coupons year-round in Indiana, Get our personal touch. Doing the work myself

we’re a family owned carpet cleaning business that makes sure your carpet has been pre-sprayed and deep scrubbed. We service a 35 mile radius around Indianapolis. You can find the right carpet cleaning coupons you need right here at our steam cleaning service in Indiana. When we come to your door you get Steven who is a professional carpet cleaning technician with close to 30 years Experience that can handle carpet stains of all kinds. with over 25 years experience, we’re a one-stop carpet cleaning Indianapolis. Mar answers the phone and runs our business. From our family taking care of your family we look forward to serving you throughout Indiana. Your cooperation and trust have made us one of the best carpet cleaning services in Indianapolis. check out our customer testimonials on the quality of work we do. check out our customer testimonials on the quality of work we do.

If Your in Need of our services today contact Steven by Email to or the office at 317-889-0692 – You Can Also Text the Technician @ 317-270-0207

See How All Colors Carpet Cleans from Start to Finish

  1. We always ask the customer to vacuum the carpet before we arrive
  2. We go over the areas and see what furniture needs to be removed and we point out any stains we see
  3. We explain in detail what needs to be done to the carpet and if it should be scrubbed for deeper cleaning. This is our responsibility as one of the best carpet cleaning services.
  4. The start by Pre Spraying the carpet with a degreaser a Protein stain remover deodorizer as well
  5. then depending if the carpet needs scrubbing we start by cleaning the furthest point in the house
  6. then after were done cleaning we can groom the carpet
  7. Any part of this that is not done would lead into short cuts taken. We as one of the best carpet cleaning services provider our always aim to remove the stains we can but dye related stains won’t come out from regular cleaning

Ashley B.
70 reviews
159d ago

While he had a mechanical issue pop up that pushed our time a little later, he still found a way to make it to me the same day and kept in contact the whole time.

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IBU Hill
home owner
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David was able to arrange his schedule to our convenience and was excellent about allowing us to work around him doing other repairs while he stretched the carpet. This was a college rental house so he had his work cut out for him! The carpet is now flat and clean and his expertise will make a vast difference to the projected lifespan of our flooring. A special shout out to his assistant Clay, who did a great job cleaning the carpets.
Candace Wells
Home Owner
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All Colors Carpet Cleaning has been my go to company for multiple years. They do an excellent job with tough jobs (pet stains) and great at providing helpful tips on how to maintain your carpets. They have a very thorough process which includes a prespray, scrubbing the areas and then steam cleaning. Our carpets look years newer after they clean them. Will continue to recommend and use All Colors Carpet Cleaning. All Colors Carpet Cleaning Indianapolis Stretching-Repairs (owner) 4 days ago yes candace its always a pleasure to work for you. I need more customers like you...:-)
Eric Fleming
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Aug 22, 2016 Have used all colors several times, older carpet, kids, spills 7 a few pet stains. Very prompt on appointments, very reasonably priced. Carpets look wonderful...until the kids and spills happen again. Would highly recommend.
David Clark
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Aug 11, 2016 There are a lot of big name carpet cleaning services out there. They seem more interested in upselling you, that in cleaning your carpet. I found David on Craigslist, which led me to his website. Watched a few of his down to earth You tube videos, and gave him a call. He was very upfront on price, based on number of rooms, and the services I was interested in. He arrived as scheduled, and went straight to work. He explained everything to me as he went along. I needed one carpet stretched, and the carpet in front of my fireplace had a few burns, from wood popping over the years. He did a great job with the stretching, and he made the burns disappear! Wow! He used a machine to agitate the carpet, after a pre spray, and then the magic happened. My five year old carpet now looks, and feels like the day it was installed! I have always viewed "satisfaction" as getting what you expect to get, for the money you spend. David blew that out of the water. I don't think it would be possible for the work to have been any better. He is a credit to his profession, and is most dedicated to both his art, and making sure that he leaves, with a happy customer waving goodbye. Thank you again for the excellent work David! Wish there were six stars. you earned them.
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11 hours ago David was friendly,fast, and experienced took no shortcuts to do a perfect job, highly highly recommended and priced ... More (owner) 17 mins ago Dan was great to work with and very curious lol but when repairing carpet there is no shortcuts taken. The pad had to be repalced where it was damaged and the carpet came out of a small closet along with pad. Then i cut the piece which was like new in a very worn area into the bedroom. The carpet was seamed together with a seaming iron as well. Besides this he also had a patch about 8" by 8". We have photos as well
Nick Opolis
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Nick Opolis 14 weeks ago After a pipe broke and my house flooded I made the mistake of going with a major company to fix everything. They inflated costs, misrepresented damages, and created more issues to fix in order to inflate their costs more.. I reached out to All Colors Carpet and David was absolutely straight up about costs, pointed out where they made their mistakes and bs'd their quotes. He was absolutely blunt about everything that would need to be done and how it needed to be done, got the materials I WANTED.. not low grade replacements. Got everything for much less than the other company priced the low grade materials for, showed up on time, got the job done fast and with extraordinary craftsmanship. I have lived with out much access to my first floor because of the damage, and today I have my living room back, and its GORGEOUS. I can not thank this company enough for their honesty, integrity, and work ethic. DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE I MADE.. DO NOT CALL THE BIG GUYS!!! Call All Colors first!!! Save yourself time, money and trouble!!!
Kris Phillips
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Kris Phillips 19 weeks ago Very nice guy. Very knowledgeable and explained everything. Was very professional. Work was done quickly. Prices were reasonable. My carpets look brand new and that’s after a lot of pet stains, they are all completely gone!! Kris (owner) 19 weeks ago Thank you Kris for the beautiful review. Its customers like you that keep me coming back and doing this business. You made my Day 🙂
Melissa Hyatt
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26 weeks ago Amazing Job on my carpets. Really pleased with the job. Thanks so much All Colors Carpet! You rock! Adding to my review today-2-21-2019/Another job with All Colors Carpet and Dave has done it again. The cleaning and repairs saved us a lot of money with our rental of not having to replace it. Thank you again Dave for the fantastic work and taking quality time in making the repairs needed. I really appreciate all your hard work. Blessings to you always in Jesus Name, We love you Dave! (owner) Oct 11, 2017 Melissa thank you for your business and being such a wonderful customer all the times. 🙂
Blake Feldman
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41 weeks ago The guys at All Colors did a fantastic job for us. We had a 20 foot by 2 foot patch that needed done due to removing a built-in. They made it look seamless with what little extra of the carpet I had my wife and I were very impressed! Great price! Will absolutely use them in the future. (owner) 41 weeks ago yes this was a bit of a challange but we were able to get it done even though the carpet was reversed lol. thanks Blake for your support through this. 🙂
Jennifer Robinson
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41 weeks ago My carpet is 10 years old and was matted down and stained. He used an agitator on my carpet that worked the cleaning solution deep into the carpet and raised the nap of it so that it didn’t look matted down anymore and got all the stains out, even stains that other carpet cleaning companies had tried to treat but couldn’t get out. He also stretched out a buckled spot in my carpet and treated a mildewed place in my carpet by replacing the underlying pad and rotted tackstrip. Extremely thorough work and pleasant demeanor. (owner) 41 weeks ago It was nice working with Jennifer she was very pleasant to work with. It is a joy to work with customers like this
Mike Deem
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Nov 28, 2017 This company is great. David always does such a great job with our properties. Highly recommend. We have used this company many times. (owner) Nov 28, 2017 Julie and Mike have always given us there business but this one property we do for them is always a
Kris Walker
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Kris Walker Jun 8, 2017 All Colors Carpet Cleaning cleaned my carpets at my new home yesterday. They did a great job and the carpets look wonderful today! Thanks so much. They were great to work with!
Jerry Wright
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Jan 4, 2017 This Was The Best Ever ! Not Only Did The Tech Steam Clean Out Carpet , He Repaired Several Areas That Our Last Tenants Canine Had Ripped and Tore Out. We Thought These Rooms Had To Be Replaced. The Tech Also Successfully Treated Our Carpet Our Carpet For Pet Odors. The Tech Also Deep Scrubbed our Heavily Soiled Carpet With His Scrubbing Machine. After Drying , The Carpet Still Looks Good. Finally , After All This His Fee ( Charges ) Didn't Break The Bank. We Couldn't Ask For Anything More. Bishop Wright (owner) Jan 4, 2017 actually Jerry it was a pleasure meeting you and your wife. I seen what damage your last tenant did and i felt that i needed to help you resolve this problem they created for you 2. So the pleasure was all mine because seeing the end results took away all the negative results the tenant brought upon you guys. Glad to see it worked out for you. surprising what one tenant can do in just 1 months time. Over all its always gratifying after doing this for over 20 years to see our work done leaving a customer at peace. From David and Mary Al Colors Carpet Cleaning Dyeing Stretching and Repairs have a great day.

Commercial and Residential Carpet Cleaning Service in Indianapolis

All Color Carpet Clean is indeed a one-stop carpet cleaning service in Indiana. We’re up for both residential and commercial services. Leading businesses trust us as the best service of carpet cleaning Indianapolis. If you’re a business owner and want to deliver your dirty carpets for cleaning in bulk in Indiana, dial All Color Carpet Clean’s number. You won’t get disappointed with our service ever and that’s our promise. This family-owned business in Indiana understands your attachment with your enterprise. We know how perfectionist you are and we won’t let you compromise with the standard of service any day.

Be it a restaurant, retail store, or any other business. Our steam cleaning service is always upfront to assist you with a spotless cleaning. Over 30 years of expertise have been a true treasure for us. Shake hands with the best carpet cleaning service in Indiana if you don’t want to compromise. We’re the ultimate destination when it comes to the best residential and commercial carpet cleaning Indiana.

Deep Cleaning Service Offered By Carpet Cleaning Services In Indianapolis

Carpet is a valuable possession. Even a single stain is not bearable. Deep cleaning can sort this problem out. One of the best carpet Cleaning services in Indianapolis, All Colors Carpet Clean is always there to shoulder major responsibility for deep cleaning the carpet. The deep cleaning method is different from ordinary cleaning. It also needs special expertise and tools.

At All Colors Carpet Clean, Steven knows all the ABCs of carpet cleaning. He knows how much force the deep cleaning needs. As we work with utmost care and knowledge, customers have tagged us as one of the trusted carpet cleaning services in Indianapolis. Once you believe us, you’ll see the difference yourself. We guarantee a spotless cleaning and zero damage to your carpet. If there are several visible stains on your carpet, you’ll not see any of them after cleaning from our experts.

Be it a residential carpet or an office building’s carpet. All Colors Carpet Clean is upfront for both services. Carpet cleaning needs patience and knowledge, we have acquired both. Therefore, from a small family-owned carpet cleaning service, we’ve come to this point. We’re country’s one of the best carpet cleaning services. Not only in Indianapolis, but we also offer service in nearby suburbs as well. A neat and clean service at an affordable price is rare. But, All Colors Carpet Clean can provide you with that. Consistency and integrity have been two of our fundamental qualities. That’s what has gained us the feathers’ of the best carpet cleaning services in Indianapolis to our crown.

Carpet Cleaning Coupons to fit your Carpet Cleaning Needs

Pre spray the Carpet is the 1st step in breaking up stains-Deodorizing the Carpet. Without this steam cleaning is nothing then cleaning with water. Every prespray is designed for the customer whether residential or commercial

Now this i feel is the single most important step… Deep Scrub because after the prespray you want to work the chemical into the fiber and retore the nap of the carpet as well. When we treat for pets this part is a must for restoration of pet odors and urine

Carpet Cleaning by deep scrubbing and heavy pre-spray. Before and after where a truck mounted system with its own heat and water supply is important. This phase i call the rinsing phase because now were going to rinse out and Extract out all the dirt and odors as well from your carpet


Carpet Cleaning Coupon 2-3 areas

2 Areas Under 300 sq ft 95.00 Deep clean is the best way to go for 25.00 more. 3 Areas under 500 sq ft 109.95 and Deep Scrub for just 30.00 We Steam Clean then with a truck mount system and Deodorize all

Carpet Cleaning Coupon 4-5 areas

4 Areas Under 600 sq ft 124.95 Deep clean is the best way to go for 35.00 more. 5 Areas under 700 sq ft 139.95 and Deep Scrub for just 40.00 We Steam Clean then with a truck mount system and Deodorize all

Carpet cleaning Coupon 6-7 areas

6 Areas Under 800 sq ft 164.95 Deep clean is the best way to go for 45.00 more. 7 Areas under 900 sq ft 180.00 and Deep Scrub for just 50.00 We Steam Clean then with a truck mount system and Deodorize all

Whole House Carpet Clean 8-10 areas

8 Areas Under 1150sq ft 199.95 Deep clean is the best way to go for 55.00 more. 10 Areas under 1350 sq ft 235.00 and Deep Scrub for just 60.00 We Steam Clean then with a truck mount system and Deodorize all

More coupon specials for you from repairs and carpet cleaning to upholstery cleaning

Were to help you see how we clean carpets from beginning to end. Videos and Photos

Safe Carpet Cleaning During Difficult Times

Difficult times has molded the function of every service. All Color Carpet Cleaning in Indianapolis maintains the regulations and guidelines. Our professionals are extra careful about your hygiene in Indiana. Besides carpet cleaning, we have a strong customer service. So, we understand your standard and importance of safety. Customers in Indiana are always our priority. We make sure that you get your carpet back without the slightest damage.

All Color Carpet Cleaning offers the service of steam cleaning. We’re a comprehensive service provider who provides you all the services at a reasonable price. Our motto is to reach our service to the maximum number of customers across Indiana. Therefore, our experts work relentlessly. Some of our salient features include:

1. Quality service

2.Ontime service

3.Usage of eco-friendly products

4.Insured service

These are just the tips of the iceberg. The salient features of our Indiana carpet cleaning service include something more than these. When it comes to the best carpet cleaning service, you can name us at first.

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