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From Steven (David) and Mar Scott, we welcome you to our family-owned carpet cleaning services with affordable prices through our coupon specials year-round in Indianapolis and surrounding areas with over 25 years in business making happy customers that give us great reviews on the work we have done. I’m Steven David and since 1994 I have been the one who shows up at our customers doors educating our customers on the service they are in need of.

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 To provide the best customer service you have to have the best equipment like a truck mounted system that is self contained and gives you the customer the peace of mind the job is done correctly. 2nd to pre spray all the carpet or upholstery and agitate it to loosen up the stains before the steam cleaning even begins.
Thirdly to Steam Clean the Carpet and post vacuuming the carpet when finished. 
Next to have the customer checkout the carpet cleaning or service we provide to make sure they are happy

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About Us-
All Colors carpet Cleaning Services – All Colors carpet cleaning Indianapolis Stretching-Repairs.

Our Services are stretching carpet, carpet repairs, floor Cleaning – upholstery cleaning-Water Removal and Spot dyeing.Over 25 years in central Indiana giving a personal touch by doing the work myself

We are Family owned-operated.With Coupons Specials Year Round. All Colors Carpet Water Removal is 24/7 on call. We can be found on the A list, Angies list and the Better business bureau (BBB), Google, Facebook and Thumbtack. Our goal is to show the quality of our workmanship to our customers. We provide education on how to maintain your carpet and upholstery clean on this site and at 

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your home or business. From Steven (David) and Mar Scott, we welcome you to our family-owned carpet cleaning services with affordable

 prices, through our coupon specials year-round in Indianapolis and surrounding areas

Our History

All Colors Carpet Cleaning Indianapolis Stretching-Repairs started in 1994 from West Palm Beach, Fl where we moved up to Indianapolis to start our family business. The idea was to Dye carpets for residential customers and our commercial accounts mainly apartment complexes and to stretch and repair carpets as well. We came up with the name All Colors Carpet dyeing and Cleaning because we can dye any color of carpets but after 25 years cleaning carpet we decided to stop dyeing because the demand for nylon in homes was being replaced by plastic fibers like polypropylene, polyester. We then stuck with Spot Dyeing carpets but dropped dying carpets all together. This is where All Colors came from. 

We went from All Colors Carpet Dyeing and cleaning to All colors Carpet Cleaning Indianapolis stretching – repairs 

How we came up with our new business name! We wanted to stick to All Colors Carpet Cleaning because that is what our business is built around even though we no longer dye carpets. Second we are located in Indianapolis so we made Indianapolis part of our Name. 3rd we also specialize in Stretching Carpets and Repairing them too.  Now we are only allowed so many letters in our name so i had to shorten it to fit 50 characters.

Since 1994 it has only been Mar and Steven(David) Scott running our business so the one who services your call is Mar and the technician to come to your home is David Scott. We are a family operated Business

How We Provide our Services

Carpet Cleaning in Indianapolis is done with a truck mounted self contain system.We provide the water not the customer. Our Cleaning process is Prespray – Deep Scrub (optional) Steam Clean the carpet and then groom it. ( Don’t forget to check out our carpet cleaning coupon specials year round. Stretching Carpet If your carpet has wrinkles in it, it needs power stretching ( not a knee kicker ) that will restretch your carpet wall to wall. Don’t allow wrinkles to trip you up.   Carpet Repairs We take care of problems most carpet cleaning companies wouldn’t touch. Such as Carpet repairs, patching carpet, Pet damage in door ways, pet odor removal, Kool Aid Stains, Seam Repairs, Bleach Stains and Red wine. Also pad replacement from water damage.  Upholstery Cleaning when was the last time you had your upholstery cleaned! Body oils is the number one reason behind upholstery needing replaced because it attracts soil and stains of all kinds and wears down the fiber. Take advantage of our coupon specials for upholstery cleaning year round. Spot Dyeing do you have spots on your carpet like bleach stains or fading from cleaners! Even pet Stains can leave you with discoloration. We can fix that for you. Water Removal Do you have water in your basement or in the hallway! We can extract it out without you going to the insurance company. We do what it takes to remove it and keep your cost low. Don’t allow the insurance companies to cause your rates to go up when you make a claim. Will fix it without high rates or deductibles.

Testimony from a customer

Nick Opolis
Nick Opolis
Home Owner
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6 months ago- After a pipe broke and my house flooded I made the mistake of going with a major company to fix everything. They inflated costs, misrepresented damages, and created more issues to fix in order to inflate their costs more.. I reached out to All Colors Carpet and David was absolutely straight up about costs, pointed out where they made their mistakes and bs'd their quotes. He was absolutely blunt about everything that would need to be done and how it needed to be done, got the materials I WANTED.. not low grade replacements. Got everything for much less than the other company priced the low grade materials for, showed up on time, got the job done fast and with extraordinary craftsmanship. I have lived with out much access to my first floor because of the damage, and today I have my living room back, and its GORGEOUS. I can not thank this company enough for their honesty, integrity, and work ethic. DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE I MADE.. DO NOT CALL THE BIG GUYS!!! Call All Colors first!!! Save yourself time, money and trouble!!! Like Response from the owner6 months ago it's a shame the insurance companies allow restoration companies to scam people like they do and get away with it. I really felt for you and reached out to help you through this. We sent you photos and proof of what we did to show them the results of the padding we put down vs what they call water barrier pad that they said you had. It was very nice meeting you and hope to do more work for you in the future 🙂