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3 Ways To Remove Pet Urine Stains And Smells Carpet

Keeping a carpet clean is not easy, especially if you have a pet-like cat and dog in your house. Hard stain is easily removable if you visit a professional carpet cleaning services in IndianapolisThey clean the carpet with their advanced cleaning technology and will remove any stain in no time. They even use eco-friendly cleaning products, which are not only environmentally friendly but at the same time maintain the quality of the fabrics of your carpet. However, most people do not like to give a professional wash if there is a little dirt accumulation on the mat. If your pet urinates on the carpet, it is necessary to provide a professional carpet cleaning service in Indianapolis. Though every time washing is not possible as it will also ruin the fabric of the carpet for which you can try some DUY and at the same time make your pet habituate to urinate in the bathroom.

Lighten the stain with vinegar:

This is the first step to remove the urine from the carpet, for which you need to place a layer of paper or paper towel over the urine. Old newspaper is an excellent option for this. The old newspaper quickly soaks the urine from the carpet and, at the same time, lightens the stain and smell of the rug. Try to stand and jump a bit over the layers of another pile of fresh paper towels or old newspaper, as it will help the paper take out the blotted urine from the carpet’s fabrics. Carpet cleaning services in Indianapolis often advise the carpet owners to soak the urine from the carpet rather than keeping it as it makes the entire room filthy. Try to put the carpet in the sun as it will remove the left from the water and make the urine smell naturally. Suppose that is not often possible, so now you can mix 2 cups of vinegar and 2 cups of water and spray the urinating area with the solution to clean the carpet. Then again, it would help if you soaked the solution with old newspaper and then needed to air dry it or dry it through the vacuum blower.

Lighten the smell with Baking Soda: 

After soaking the urine with an old newspaper or paper towel, spray a thick layer of baking soda over the area. If needed, use an old brush to spread it uniformly. Then you need to keep the layer of baking soda on the carpet for four to five hours and dust off the dried baking soda. If you see that specks of the baking soda are still on the fabrics, try to use the blow dryer mode of the vacuum cleaner to remove them. This is not easy to follow as you may require more than one packet of baking soda to clean the area, so it is better to visit carpet cleaning services in Indianapolis. Again baking soda may react with the carpet and make the area lighten in colour. So you can buy readymade products like the enzyme-based cleaner available in the pet market and keep it for an hour before wiping the carpet with a microfibre.

Clean the area with shampoo:

Fabric conditioners are pretty standard nowadays to keep the fabric of the cloth soft and colourful. After soaking the urine, try damping the area with a towel soaked in the shampoo solution or light detergent. Then again, soak up the dampness with a paper towel, then spray a good layer of fabric conditioner to remove the smell at once. Carpet cleaning services in Indianapolis also use a light detergent to maintain the carpet’s fabric.

Visit the Carpet cleaning services in Indianapolis.

The tips mentioned above are only advisable to follow the immediate stain. If you see that the carpet has already got stained with your pet’s urine, please visit the carpet cleaning service in Indianapolis to give your carpet a professional wash. Often people fail to follow the DIY in a proper manner which ruins their carpet and time at the same time. So to avoid these nuances visit the carpet cleaning services in Indianapolis to remove any unnecessary stain and smell from your carpet.


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