The carpet in your office plays a major part in keeping the interior looking visually pleasing and appealing. The aesthetic of your office strictly depends on the quality of the carpet. Now, this is the most used part of your office. Anyone entering the office has access to the carpet. So, it’s pretty common that it will accumulate dirt quickly. Therefore, you need to ask some essential questions to the carpet cleaners before hiring for a worthy investment. Correct answers to these questions will determine their expertise and service quality. Before signing a deal with professionals offering carpet cleaning services in Indiana, like All Colors Carpet Clean, you need to understand some basic things. Going through this list of questions will clarify so many aspects of office cleaning.

Ans. Depending on the number of employees and footfalls it has every day, you should decide how frequently you should wash the carpet. Usually, experts suggest that you should clean your carpets once every six months. If your office is around 1000 sq. ft. scheduling a carpet cleaning service every six months would be a wise investment.

Ans. The hot water extraction method or also known as steam cleaning would be an ideal cleaning method for commercial carpets. “Commercial wool carpeting requires some other method for an entire and spotless cleaning,” says the experts of one of the leading carpet cleaning services in Indiana, All Colors Carpet Clean. The cleaning method differs from one material to another.

Ans. Keeping your office carpet clean is not so difficult but it’s not so easy either. Daily maintenance is everything when it comes to the well-being of your office carpet. Regular cleaning processes include:

By adhering to these measures, you can easily get rid of your carpet stains. Keeping regular cleanliness saves huge money on a periodical cleaning.

Ans. First, take several long, slow passes back and forth with your vacuum. Then, change it up! Go from side to side after you go back and forth to get the carpet fibers moving in a new direction. All Colors Carpet Clean offering office carpet cleaning services in Indiana says, “This approach will help you grab dirt from soiled, high-traffic areas.

Ans. Shampooing bids goodbye to all the stubborn stains that your commercial carpet gains in the process. So, shampooing once a year can help you get rid of these stubborn stains.

Ans. 15 years is usually the longest time for a carpet to last in your office. The manufacturers don’t guarantee on your carpet more than that. Besides, you need to ensure that you’ve bought the highest quality carpet. Otherwise, it will require a change in 2-3 years or so.

Ans. Of course, you can. Carpet stain removal has no better process than shampooing. Don’t take the risk yourself. Book an expert’s service.

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